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  1. Happens twice to me after using that same moisturizer... it says it's hypo-allergenic, but I don't know... :-k Maybe it doesn't mix well with the BP for some people. I mean, my face was HORRIBLE, all red, irritated and itchy... touching it would make it all hurt.
  2. I hate putting creams or moisturizers on my face, I like to rinse away anything I put on it within 10 minutes... BP is the only thing I leave on for the night. But since it dries my skin, I need an exfoliator, so any recommendations? I'm talking about any product that contains AHAs that you don't leave on your skin throughout a long period of time... Thank you.
  3. My face was tolerable just a few days ago, and it's breaking out with very small white pimples around my nose and chin, I never had this many whiteheads before in a concentrated area before... what the hell is going on? I use BP 4% (wuth Antibacterial agent) at night and a cleanser in the morning (currently neutrogenia mask/cleanser)...
  4. I'm trying it out now, but it's only been 2 days so I don't have results to share... though the cleanser method makes my face feel all cool and minty, who knows if that's a good thing. Watcha folks think?
  5. I have one of those in the middle of my forehead... first one I ever had too... It was a people a few months ago, now it seems to only some raised and red skin...
  6. My face was not as bad as yours, but your past bacne sounds like mine...
  7. how can it get if you suddenly stop using the regimen? Just curious.
  8. That's why I can't stand the BP cream, it dries my face so much... using St. Ives apricot scrub once in a while helps though. Thanks folks.
  9. Would that be the equivalent to applying BP as an overnight cream?
  10. Kinda like the salycic acid ones, Just curious, it'd be a lot more convenient.
  11. Yeah, that's the thing, I'm not... so why would he even mention hormonal acne?
  12. I'm 18, and he also said that my acne should stop when I grow a full beard... which is very close to happening...
  13. My dermatologist said that I don't have hormonal acne, now I have no idea what this means and I neglected to ask him about it... so, is it? :-s