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  1. I only recently have been able to open up to my "husband" (we aren't married) and I have been with him for almost 11 years. I cannot bring myself to just talk about my skin with coworkers or whatever because I feel like then I am bringing attention to my skin and they will notice it more and start to look at it more closely and that is the last thing I want. I usually just try to cover my problem areas and hope I can get through my work day without anybody getting too close and being able to tel
  2. I get that, I can't use BP anymore after using it for years. I wish I could help but my face reacts to almost anything harsh these days so I am pretty much at a loss for controlling acne with any topicals. :/
  3. I agree with you (for the most part, it may be a thing but very very rare and most of us probably don't have it). I don't have a scarring disease, I just over exfoliated. I am almost 100% sure of that. My skin starts to look better when I don't exfoliate at all. Scars still there, but they look softer. Will continue to not fuck with my face and just hope for the best. I was having a good skin week, scars were hardly even bothering me because they looked better, then got a break out. Rar. Such is
  4. I wish I could help, but all I can do is tell you I know EXACTLY how you feel. The rapid heartbeat, the mirror checking, thinking about skin all day and even dreaming about it, having a decent skin day but still stressed about scars and pig pores and worrying that tomorrow my skin will look worse and be broken out again. I also avoid things because of my skin. I avoid as much as possible going into the walk in freezer at my job and feel like it is drying out and chapping my skin which will make
  5. I have tons of tiny bumps on my chin that I had for years that are starting to clear after only quitting makeup for 4 days....and I have cleared them in the past after quitting makeup for a month (they were almost gone within a week that time, which was miraculous to me). They slowly came back over the months when I started using makeup again and became worse than ever and spread to more areas on my face. Drat. I am not saying everyone's skin issues are caused by makeup and can be fixed by quitt
  6. I heard of people getting piercings where they had piercings before that had closed up and scarred, but not sure about acne scars...all I heard though was that it hurts a little more to get scar tissue pierced. Have you gone to a professional piercer and asked them about it?
  7. Meh....I hate acne with a flaming passion, but I am not giving up. I have some scars that I hate even more than the acne, still not giving up. Maybe you can't get rid of scars completely, but they can be improved. When I look at my skin and it looks awful, I try to tell myself, well, I can at least get it to look better than this eventually. I'd be happy if I can get to a place where I don't cringe when I look in the mirror, and I still have hope that I can do that. I have accepted my skin won't
  8. I have shitty oily acne prone skin from my dad as well. My husband has skin that hardly ever gets zits. We already have two children, and I sure as hell hope they get their father's skin and not mine. Time will tell, as they are only aged 1.5 and 5.
  9. Mine usually fade within a few months time, but I had one bad zit on my cheek going on two years ago in January and it's STILL slightly red. wtf, man? No indented scar, just redness. I have one indented scar on my chin that I got a little over a year ago that is still somewhat discolored (more brown than red), but it is hardly noticeable now and I expect it to be skin colored completely some time next year. Anyway, not sure why that one zit on my cheek was so special that the redness is lingerin
  10. Yepp. I'm a mirror checker as well and think about my skin more often than I am comfortable admitting. It affects me greatly, though I don't think many people, if any, notice.
  11. OK, I just watched some videos. I must get this stuff. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Is subcision used for very shallow scars? these scars really are tiny so I am almost afraid (almost? no, I am terrified...lol) to do any kind of treatments. They do look smaller than they used to so they seem to be improving on their own at least. It has been just over a year. I plan on trying a dermastamp sometime next year if things don't continue to get better. This whole thing has truly put a fear in me that anything I do to my skin could make it worse. I had acne as a teen and it reall
  13. I thought that too, Robert. I have a cluster of tons of tiny hole like scars that all appeared around an old chicken pox scar from my childhood. I also never had severe acne on my cheeks so maybe it is hidden damage from the chicken pox? What a bullshit thing, man. If I knew this shit was lurking beneath the surface I'd have never used an exfoliator. I just wanted rid off a bit of dead skin on the surface, not the entire top layer to reveal a mess. Fml.