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  1. Hi Robert, I have pretty bad insomnia as a result of Accutane. 7 months after Accutane, my Insomnia has gotten progressively worse. How long have u experienced Insomnia?
  2. Aussieface, How long have you had insomnia? It's been almost 7 months post accutane, and my insomnia has gotten progressively worse. These days, I average 1-2 hours of sleep a night max. Lost a ton of weight. The weird part is, I don't feel tired at all during the day time. Have you had any success with treating ur insomnia? Any information is much appreciated.
  3. Quick question for everyone: Has anyone experienced long term INSOMINA post Accutane. My insomina gradually got worse over the last 6 months. What worries me more is that I'm not tired in the day time. Anyone experience something similar?
  4. Oil Girl, All other tests came back normal. The main thing out of whack is the low alkaline phosphatase. Some of the symptoms I have are: Joint issues. Coldness in my new joints. Def affected my circulation Digestion issues Bubbles in Urine. Two different urine analysis came back normal. Gonna do another one to test for Ammonia. Dry/inflammation of eyes I did right after Accutane, I had it tested a few times I will have to relook those up tomorrow, but I do know that I a
  5. Quick question for everyone here. Had two blood tests done in the last 3 months; both times I tested for LOW alkaline phosphatase. Anyone experience this?
  6. Went to two different doctors, both suggested I get tested for Lyme Disease. Most doctors simply don't believe our symptoms are caused by Accutane. How I got Lymes Disease living in Washington DC is beyond me. How they still think it may be Lyme Disease after hearing this is beyond me. They rather believe a person got tick bites while living in the city than believe Accutane is the true cause. There is a clinical test you can order from you doctor to determine if you have le
  7. some parts of your body recovers like your oil glands because genetically they are so strong and overactive to begin with. Other parts of ur body are not so and thus have a harder time.
  8. For many with persistent acne, its due to their overactive oil glands. Also not sure if Acutane destroyed your skin's ability to detox. As long as you can sweat, your skin is functioning more or less normally in terms of expelling toxins and wastes.
  9. Epigentic or not, the part I don't understand is why does the symptoms slowly get worse over time for a lot of people. Normal logic should be if you took 8 months of accutane, your symptoms should be at their worst during the regimen or immediately after. But, most people report the severity of their symptoms as creeping slowly over 1-2 years after they have already stopped the drug. Tons of people are still getting nasty side effects even though they are eating super healthy, taking all
  10. NIH research on cermides: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12553851
  11. Those of who suffer super dry skin, hair loss, painful dry lips: read this: http://www.victoriahealth.com/product/Skin-Restoring-Phytoceramides/9092 I been taking phytoceramides for a week now, and have noticed drastic improvements in my skin. Wouldn't have posted it here if i didnt see good results. I also started taking it together with hyaluronic acid to see if it can also help my joints.
  12. "I was always sad because I had no shoes, until one day I saw a man with no legs." Gotta Keep On Fighting
  13. Playsomebeat, Can you tell me what exactly is 5-alpha reductase inhibitor?
  14. Prob true. Again, doctors need to better explain the effects of this drug to young people. Most studies show that Epigenetic changes are reversible. Until they invent a specific drug that can induce the epigenetic changes necessary to counteract the effects of Accutane, our best bet is a healthy diet (fruits, vegetables, etc.). Certain vitamins like D, B, E, C, digest enzymes, and Acetyl-Carnitiine can at least reduce the damages of accutane The fact that this dr
  15. Playsomebeat, Good article. Thanks for sharing. Two things, this article is published in the journal medical hypothesis, which means it is purely a theoretical hypothesis, not a fact. And this goes two directions as well. good vitamins and healthy diet can cause permanent or semi- permanent positive changes leading to prolonged life of cells. If this theory is true, only option we have is to just constantly bathe our bodies with nutrients (healthy food), get plenty of rest, and hope