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  1. Hi I have a real phobia linked to my acne scarring. I have some ice pick scarring but also have very enlarged pores that are joined kinda like an orange peel texture which affects me psychologically than the scarring itself. Iv been single for 3 years and when I meet a guy I have this thing where he cannot see my face in daylight. Up to now I have not met anyone worthy of a relationship so I just kick them out before it goes light. However I met one guy that I clicked with and really liked. I
  2. What's vc and cp? Has it worked for you?
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I haven't done anything as such as I'm just scared to use anything on my skin. But I have just bought an msm cream so will start using that plus will do a dermaroll session next week (.25mm). Will keep you updated
  4. So basically all you need is hydroxy acids to fill the scar...?
  5. I could be wrong but I don't think you're supposed to roll if you have active acne that's if yours is active of course
  6. I also went to 3 clinics who all said there's nothing wrong with my skin :/ Harley street said obagi was an option, it won't do much for scars but more for texture which makes your skin looks a whole lot better but I'm just wary of making my skin worse. Have you heard of recell? That's something I'm looking into but I can't find a whole lot of info on it and the nearest clinic seems to be in Nottingham!
  7. Iv heard that retin a can makes pores bigger? Will recell be the answer to this as I have similar scarring
  8. Are you getting the laser for free? I don't understand why your derm suggested it if it won't mKe a difference. Have you thought about dermarolling? That's prob your best bet if you only have mild scarring. What type of scarring do you have? I'm not far from Salford (Wigan) I have ice pick scarring and orange peel texture and my dr won't even refer me to a derm :/ Tbh I wouldn't touch lasers with a bargepole, seen a lot of bad reviews and you may even end up with worse skin. Not worth it
  9. Hi As far as I know the best treatment for ice pick scars are Tca cross which you can do yourself. As for enlarged pores I'm still trying to find a solution myself but so far I gather not much can be done for pores. Iv done some dermarolling but no improvement yet, prob coz I have only done 3 so far. Iv just ordered a new dermaroller so gonna try again I wouldn't touch lasers with a bargepole after all the reviews iv seen Good luck!
  10. How did you get rid of your pores? Is that even possible?!
  11. Prob buy it myself, my dr doesn't want to know and says there's nothing wrong with my skin :/ I was suggested obagi but it's a long process, expensive and not guaranteed to work. Peels I will definitely not be doing.
  12. Hi I used a 1.5mm dermastamp about 6 weeks ago and have noticed some of my pores have scarred. I think this is most likely due to using a longer length than I should have (I have shallow scarring), I have used 0.5mm dermaroller previously with no improvement but didn't make my skin worse. There is so much conflicting info out there with regards to dermarolling it's hard to know what's what :/
  13. Thanks I'll give that a go Sorry I replied within the quote, can't see what I'm doing on this phone lol
  14. My face isn't shiny. One girl on another forum used honey and emu oil to get rid of hers and it worked but hasn't for me me I read that one but there seem to be lots of DML cream so idk which one I would use? There's conflicting advice on this type of skin, some say to exfoliate and some say definitely not, same with derma rolling, conflicting advice on how how often to roll. My brain is overloaded!
  15. As the title suggest I have a face full of obvious large pores which all connect making it look like I have the texture of an orange. So far I have tried derma rolling, about 4 sessions over a year with no improvements at all. I don't use chemicals on my face, only natural moisturiser. I have researched constantly for over a year but I am so overwhelmed with information that I just don't know what to try next. I am booked in for a consultation with a skin clinic on tues but am apprehensive as I'