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  1. I have some old scarring (thirteen years old) from a glycolic acid peel gone wrong. They are atrophic and can look hypertrophic when aggravated but normally they're just atrophic scars. The texture is obviously different from the surrounding skin. I have had many treatments and have greatly improved them from subcision, microneedling, fraxel repair and so on but would really like to just properly fill in the area now. Would Restylane work best or Juvederm? Thanks in advance!
  2. Have any of you used over dilute sculptra as a spacer after subcision? How has that worked out for you? And Is it alright to use sculptra if months prior you have some filler already in upper cheeks from volume loss from laser? Sculptra is also something I think I would only use once, as I would be concerned about granulomas forming.
  3. How is the scarring looking as of now? Glad to hear how wonderfully you've been healing. Wishing you the best!
  4. I felt subcision helped my boxcars but those scars like I said aren't from acne so maybe that's why. I am against laser usage after my experience. Should be used as a very last resort and maybe only once or twice at the most. That's what I am thinking that phenol isn't necessary for me because it's too much. The scars seemed to lift substantially so now when I look at them in different overhead lighting and even when I take different angled pictures it's harder to see. I still have the s
  5. Here is the study. Some of them are impressive results. They used 15 percent TCA. Subcision I have done 20 times already lol I do attribute that to most of my improvement along with fillers. It's the edges of three boxcars I need to get rid of. In most pictures my scarring is hard to see now as compared to before. I did show my pics to one or two people on here and they were of the belief that something like a phenol peel would be too strong for me. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl
  6. So far I have done multiple subcision, fraxel repairs, microneedling, one phenol cross, and some fillers and I have gotten significant improvement from all with me thinking subcision, microneedling and fillers did the most improvement for me. I am also curious to combine. I read one study where microneedling was done then two weeks after TCA peel and this was alternated back and forth for a total of six treatments and each patient had substantial improvement. I am curious to try something simila
  7. Has anyone ever tried anything like this? I will be getting this procedure done from a doctor. I was going to do a phenol peel but now I have changed my mind as I don't want potential side effects. People that have gotten phenol done don't have the kind of scarring I do (there's is from acne and mine are thirteen year old chemical atrophic burn scars) i think I would be too much of a risky candidate for phenol. This is the info on the procedure I am looking into getting. So first they will
  8. At what month did you feel your skin started to look normal? I plan on getting this done in November. Would makeup hide that not looking like normal skin part? Is it a waxy skin texture appearance that happens?
  9. I plan on getting this done soon. How did it go for you?
  10. Don't go to Dr. Rivers in Vancouver and do not get laser treatments done (fraxel repair is a huge mistake). Leave it as a last resort. I have had substantial fat loss from it and I have very thick skin and naturally chubby cheeks so I can imagine how much worse it will be for someone with a thinner face and thinner skin. I suggest getting needling done and subcision and fillers before doing some end treatment (maybe a peel). Lisa Lam at Biotouch is also someone I have seen in Vancouver for needl
  11. So before I decide to do a phenol peel with Dr. Rullan in June here are some pictures of my skin. I have been on and off on these forums for many, many years and have done treatments of all kind for over a decade. I find everyone on here very knowledgeable and helpful so advice would be much appreciated. I am doing another subcision and filler in the fat loss area on the cheeks (caused by fraxel repair and highly recommend people avoid lasers at all costs) before I go ahead and do the phenol in
  12. Hi everyone so I am getting a phenol peel done with Dr. Rullan in June after having done many other treatments. I just have one question. Due to Fraxel repair I suffered extensive fat loss on one side of my upper cheek (quack doctor kept going over that one area over and over the last time I had seen him and it's been 3 or so years since I have done the laser). With my actual scarring I have done everything from laser, to microneedling, to RF needling, to subcisions and filler so the scars are a
  13. No because I take sole responsibility for doing 8 fraxel repairs (3 or 4 were done at higher settings and the rest were lower settings) and I really should have known better and so should my doctor. I did one of these from Dr. Weiner in Florida and my skin doesn't care for it. I think energy devices are fine if you do them once or twice but also everyone's skin is different but like I said my very thick skin didn't tolerate energy devices (every derm has commented on how thick my
  14. Laser wrecked my skin as well. What laser does to some of us (and i have very thick skin btw that still reacted negatively to laser) is it destroys our good tissue. My good skin was ruined and I have fat loss in my forehead and upper cheeks (something non existent in my family as my parents in their 70's don't even have this issue or any siblings) now. I would only recommend people do needling treatments and subcision to lift their scars as much as they can and then do a final chemical peel. I a
  15. Oh no worries! I realized I didn't clarify some things in my original post so I went back and edited it lol Yes I have major regrets on the amount of laser work I have done although it definitely helped improved the texture of my scars (mine were red burn scars and now it's almost skin color but occasionally turn white sometimes) which is why it looks better but it's still obviously not better. I remember my first subcision with Dr. Rullan I had loved but I did not use fillers or suction so the