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  1. Why would that make more sense? By doing 40/60, you are getting essentially the right dosage. I don't see anything wrong with it. What you suggest though, is doing less than you're supposed to. My body is already responding to a lower dose of 40mg. I don't want to force another response by suddenly increasing 20m - even if it's only for a day. Given that I'm three and a half months into a 4 month course, I'd imagine 40mg is more logical. Considering that the dermatologist is likely to redu
  2. Given that I'm three and a half months into the course, surely it would make more sense to go 40mg rather than alternating doses? My next appointment is Thursday.
  3. I have ran out of 10mg tablets prior to my next appointment. My local NHS pharmacy will not provide my next batch until I have completed the next blood test. What I do have however is an abundance of 20mg tablets. Would it be possible to cut one of those in half? The purpose of this would be to fulfill my 50mg dosage.
  4. Surely things like blueberries and green teas will fight the Accutane toxins in addition to acne-causing bacteria?