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  1. So I started the regimen back in 2013 and my skin definitely looks better than ever. I do get the occasional spot but overall, great results. My question is, are there any negative long term effects of using BP? (other than bleached towels!). I've managed to get away with using BP once every other day for the past year and a half or so with great results. Is it possible to slowly wean my skin off BP completely? and if not how do you know when and if you've simply outgrown acne? It just doesn't m
  2. So I'm completely clear (with a minor breakout every now and then) and that's obviously great. However the issue I have is that my skin now tans very easily. I used to think it was related to the actual bp was darkening my skin due to some sort of reaction but I know now it is due to the bp making my skin more sensitive to the sun. It's really annoying, I literally get a couple of shades darker just from spending 10 minutes in the sun. I apply sunscreen every morning and try to avoid the sun wh
  3. thanks everyone! hopefully the regimen works for you as it did for me
  4. So after almost 4 months of following the regimen I can finally say I'm clear. I started on September 7th and I have to say the first couple of months were pretty hard. In the beginning I had huge problems with dry skin, extreme flaking, darkening of the skin, horrible skin texture and ofcourse stubborn acne. I considered abandoning the regimen several times but I stuck to it and I'm now glad I did. I haven't gotten a new pimple in a month maybe and I have to say it has made my life so much e
  5. Thanks for the warning! It's depressing to know that we might have to stay on the regimen our whole life and even more depressing to know that there's no way for you to know if you've grown out of acne except getting off the regimen and risking getting your acne back! Anyways, good luck and hopefully you clear up soon!
  6. I too was having problems with this and it was really frustrating. I'm naturally olive-skinned and found that my face got considerably darker when I started the regimen. I attributed it to BP making my skin more sensitive to the sun and thus making it much easier to tan. I think the fact that the skin gets so dry also plays a role. I'm now 3 months into the regimen and I do not experience this anymore, but until recently I did. I noticed a drastic improvement when I limited the BP to only a
  7. I guess it's different for everyone, but whenever I skip a morning my skin seems to react almost instantly and I get new pimples the next day. Maybe if you wean off it slowly it won't make much of a difference. also, i think it depends how far you are into the regimen. I wouldn't do it only once a day unless youve been clear for a few weeks
  8. How long have you gad this? Maybe you just need to give it some time.. I started to notice it maybe 4 weeks into the regimen? but it was so insignificant compared to the horrible condition my skin was in at that time that I didn't give it much thought, but it seems to only be getting worse with time
  9. So as I've mentioned before, after a little less than 2 months I would say I'm pretty much clear except for some annoying dark spots which I assume the AHA will eventually take care of. My other problem is little red bumps that have appeared on and around my nose. They're not like regular inflamed or puss-filled pimples just tiny raised, slightly red bumps. This is odd since I have NEVER gotten any kind of blemishes in this area of my face. They only started to appear after regular use of BP. Wh
  10. Ok so this summer I spent a tremendous time in the sun in Bali and Alexandria and now I'm stuck with this horrible deep tan. I want to speed up the process and was thinking of adding lemon juice to my PM regimen; maybe mix it in with my moisturizer+jojoba oil+AHA? is this a bad idea? is there some sort of reaction that can happen between the lemon juice and AHA? I think it's safe to say that I'm clear or atleast have it under control, acne is not much of a hassle anymore if that helps in anyway
  11. So I found out the problem was that I wasn't using enough moisturizer because sometimes I felt I didn't need it. I'v been using alot of moisturizer at night for the past couple of days and I can already see an improvement! thanks guys!
  12. Currently I'm using Nivea Aqua Sensation mixed with Garnier sunscreen spf 30 in the morning (tiny amounts so my skin doesn't look like I poured oil over it) and I only apply AHA after the BP in the evening. The thing is my skin doesn't feel rough at all, it just looks that way like tiny bumps/grain all over. But maybe you're right, maybe I could do with a little more of the moisturizer, the thing is I still have this irrational fear that applying more moisturizer would make me break out.
  13. Hi everybody. So I'm now about 7 weeks into the regimen and although I'm not exactly clear yet, my acne is alot better. I get a few spots every once in a while but its improving. I don't have much problems with dryness either thanks to the jojoba oil and AHA. However, I'm still not satisfied with my skin at all. My problem is skin texture, although I'm almost clear my skin still looks really bad. It looks rough and grainy (I've never had that problem before) even though it's really soft when I t