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  1. When I tried clearasil with 2% salycilic acid... my acne got really red.. and made it worse.. but thats only for my skin type i guess
  2. I don't want to jinx my self hehe.. so I'm knocking on wood and stuff hehe.. I'm just posting so that I may be able to help some one.. Last 5 weeks were terrible.. acne.. HUGE acne was showing up on my nose.. They started in the middle of my exams.. but then refused to die.. I was on dans regimen.. but that wasn't helping as much as I would like.. I don't know what worked.. but something did.. - CVS daily face wash with tryclosan - Purpose cleansing bar - Neutrogena Tinted BP -
  3. Grape juice and cranberry juice worked good for me.. add it to 1.5 glasses.
  4. #-o I'm going to slow decrease the dosage and end it or something.. the acne that was dying just swelled up huge
  5. yikes really? oh man thats not good.. I've been feeling sick today because of it..
  6. I started a week ago. 1) No idea 2) I take a multivitamen (centrum) and 1000IU Vitamin E 3) I gave me an upset stomache right away hehe.. but after 4 days I think my oil production is low.. no new acne but the current acne has swelled up big .. maybe its B5s way to get it out of my system. 4) I got the power from vitacure.. it was $30 for a months supply.. I really really hope that this works
  7. the bumps went away after I started the regimen, changed the diet, started B5.. and loads of other home remedys.. however.. my nose acne is still there
  8. What I think it is that the organs such as kidneys and intestines don't have enough resources to do their job completely so the skin (another organ) takes over as well and ejects the stuff the kidneys and intestines leave behind.. ofcourse I made this up.. no proof or whatever.. makes sense though.. kinda?
  9. I started taking B5 4 days ago.. and I have 1 new pimple.. but the 4 ones that I already had have swelled up and are huge and ugly.. Is this the initial B5 stage or am I going to just blow up? ](*,) I hope I can find something that works perfectly. I am taking extra vitamins, water with B5 and I am on dans regimen. If these 5 pimples go away then I'll have a clear face. the redness has mostly gone.. my forehead is clear.. just my noooose
  10. Well.. thats a little discouraging.. I just started B5... I had a little upset stomache.. and my acne is really swelling up .. What should I do? should I continue?
  11. So they are saying that acne bacteria won't get resistant to their products?
  12. I started B5 yesterday.. no new pimples so far... I've read that lots of people do get an initial break out.. But I'm being very careful not to touch my face.. and to stick to the regimen well.. Good luck to you.
  13. yeah. I saw an ad for oil wipes too.. but I'm having troubling finding them too.. Stridex bothered the skin and made everything very red. If I find the wipes I'll post them here. If anyone finds out then please post. thanks -edit- Heres one but it contains alcohol: Biore Facial Cleansing Cloths noncomodegenic (sp?) http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-PLST-0-SRCH another one: this doesn't say that its noncomodegenic http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...=B
  14. he is 5'4 .. 122 is not bad for 5'4 .. I was 6'0 at 14 and I only weighed 130 lbs hehe .. glad I gained bulk .. and yeah.. working out is always good.. helped me out.. and good luck with the B5