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  1. Today i received next: DIM-plus Saw palmetto, Inositol and Calcium d glucarate... I would like to know if i can use them all together????? or if u can tell me how to use them... please help I am a male by the way
  2. So u did that in USA? Does anyone know good surgeon here in Europe?
  3. Hello... can you tell me how much did u pay this? whats an avarage price for doing something with plastic surgeon on face?
  4. Thank you for your respond... becouse this forum is already about to be dead.... i barely receieve 1 respond per a topic
  5. Yesteday i was in lab and i did a zinc serum test.... and here is result :/ I need your help.. its urgently And ...does this mean i should stop supplementing myself with zinc?
  6. Lets just say that your VITAMIN D is cause for acne. If its cause of your acne, you would still have breakouts on level 25ng/ml... You will need about 50ng/ml to calm down acnes... I have read many theards from yesterday, and i conclude that
  7. u Dont mind me but i have to say u that u are... You have to understand that they are wrong at all. Considering that maximal intake of vitamin D is 400mg for them, it would be non sense for them(The endocrine soc and the food and nut...) to be 50ng/ml normal. Vitamin D Council says that optimum daily intake is 5000IU which is normal. So objective looking, +50ng/ml would be optimum. and below 40ng/ml is deficiet.
  8. Sorry but u are wrong ..... [Removed] ) but +50ng is recommended
  9. I would like to ask If I am deficient of Vitamin D. I've done test few days ago, it was 24.5ng/ml. Can this level be culprit of acne? If yes, what level should I aim? Hope for fast replies ))))))))))
  10. Thank You... any other feedback???
  11. I've just done my blood test, it was 22ng/mol. I've gotten occisionally few pimples, so i am asking is my vitamin D3 in blood low or?
  12. @super I am using vitb5 with l carnitine for a week... I take about 2.5-3g b5 and 1.5g l carnitine... And in the meantime i keep getting small pimples around my mouth... Also i take zinc 50mg per day. I think that those pimples have something with this routine and i hope that this is some kind of getting rid of everything that is bad inside of me. If this keep with those pimples, i will stop in next week.
  13. I cant overdose...it can shedd out my hair :S So i will stick to this combination.. It will take more time but i hope it will work