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  1. I tried Proactiv after some woman manning a stand for Proactive accosted me at the mall. Me, being desperate and acne-ridden, bought it. That stuff irritated my face HORRIBLY. My skin was red and itchy and I BROKE OUT MORE. I've now been on the Regimen for 4 months and I'm almost 100% clear.
  2. I've suffered with acne since I was 15. It was mild at first, but from age 19 to present (I'm 23), it has been moderate to heavy. I went to a dermatologist and he put me on antibiotics, and then when those stopped working, different antibiotics. I've tried all of them. I also tried every topical prescription product under the sun and when my face started breaking out more than ever this winter, I was considering going on Accutane. I decided to give the regimen a shot when I stumbled here one ni
  3. I don't think this is in my imagination. This morning, my red marks from old acne looked a full shade lighter. My skin has a wonderful texture (smooth as silk) and makeup glides on like butter. After washing my face this morning, I put about half a finger of BP on and then my Eucerin Moisturizer and I experienced no irritation. My face is not red in the least, in face it is noticeably more even. I'm going to get ready for bed now and use it for the second time. I'll update again tomorrow.
  4. Okay, I just used the kit for the first time. It consists of a wand, two snap-on sponge heads, a jar of cream, a stand for the wand, and batteries. Neutrogena suggests that I use it every night for the first 5 days, and then take a week break, and then use it every 3 days or 2-3 times a week. First I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I take the sponge and snap it onto the wand, okay, this seems easy. They say to dip the sponge into the cream and only use a very little bit. I did this. I th
  5. Bought it and trying it tonight. After Dan's regimen, I'm pretty much clear, but I have a ton of red marks and a few small scars along my hairline and on my cheeks. Nothing very severe, but stuff that would improve from a few sessions of microdermabrasion. Hoping that this gives me near the same results over a 3-6 month period. I'll let you all know how it goes with frequent updates. Check out the reviews on makeup alley. Apparently people say it really works.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm on week 3 or so of the Regimen and my skin has dramatically improved. I'm still breaking out a bit, but the breakouts last like half the time and are much smaller; hopefully they'll go away all together soon. However, since I've been on the Regimen, I've gotten these fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth. Also, the skin around my eyes is flakey and dry. I do not apply BP around my eyes or Eucerin Skin Renewal, but somehow the skin has gotten very dry here. Any products
  7. So, I did the regimin and my skin is almost 100% clear. My big problem right now is a lot of red marks (ugh, I hate them and they take forever to fade). I usually use Neutrogena oil-free foundation. Is this crappy stuff? I don't think it makes me break out since I use it all over my face, and my breakouts were more or less located on my chin. It feels so watery sometimes though. I hate liquid foundation. Any suggestions for something in a compact? I really liked Mac Studio finish. That stuff