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  1. I had been to a website that talked about the links between your bloodtype, diet, and acne. It seemed logically...and worth paying a little attention to....if anyone knows what I am talking about and can provide a link that would be cool....thanks
  2. yea...same with me....i dont get the big bursting cysts or big zits on my cheeks and stuff....i just get white heads here and there with the marks.....yea im hoping and trying to get past this stage as fast as possible...but everyone knows how hard it is to stay away from chocolate....but i can stay away from the french fries and stuff.....man this is tough.....
  3. acne is a social killer...definitly.....i can honestly say that hey if i had NO ACNE at all i would defnitily be a different person......its all about perception from your point of view and from others poiints of view....especially if your a teenager....of course we all look at our skin and say....dude, only if i didnt have this crap on my face...and geeez man....acne has definitly held me back from talking to this girl or that girl, and it has probably held me back from that girl talking to me.
  4. hey...so i bought this mask hoping that it would help with the pimples that i have and the marks that i have....anyways....for those that use this product...how often do you use it and how often should it be used? i put a good amount on my face.....and after about 10 minutes it cracks....i guess that is what it is supposed to do right..?? has anyone ever left it on their face over night ....is it ok to do this? thanks for the answers....
  5. its just that these BP products and SA products dont seem to work on me, so I am just going to use my purpose face wash in the morning and at night. No more BP or SA products or anything like that. I will basically do what Dan recommends but with no BP
  6. Hey, so I have not been 100% faithfull to the Regimen that Dan recommends. I would put on 2.5%BP at night, but during the day I would just put lotion on my face, because it would be dry during the day. I drink LOADS and LOADS of water, I mean bottle after bottle after bottle. Do not eat fried foods, if I do it is once a month or so. My acne is not to bad, moderate acne, IF EVEN. The thing that is bad about my face is the brown and red marks. (I have tan tan skin) The pimples go away, its just th
  7. I am kind of on the regimen...i put BP on during the night but rarely during the day because of time issues with getting to school. But in the morning i usually wash my face...let it dry and just put on Johnson and Johnson baby lotion(The pink lotion) on my face. This lotion is alrite becaues its not to heavy and it doesnt leave my skin feeling and looking oily...but is there a differnce between me using this lotion and using one of the moisturizers recommeneded. Do moisturizers actually do some