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  1. If D3 doesnt work for you or breaks you out like it did for me try D2! D3 makes me greasy and gives me blackheads but D2 totally clears up skin, though I still have to watch my citrus intake. HTH
  2. I just wanted to report back after so many years that vitamin D2 has been an enormous help, if not the cure. I suspected a deficiency (low lab levels) but D3 form never helped (took D3 form for 15yrs). I finally decided to try the old fashioned and hard to find Vitamin D2 and feel I have found my answer. I now I no longer have to consume calcium supplements to keep my skin strong. I do however have to consume greens such as kale, spinach and chard otherwise my teeth start to hurt (I suspect
  3. Thank you for your response Healtyalmonds! Since I last wrote I have gotten even more cysts on/outside of only one ear. The first ones are clearing quickly unlike my usual cysts which lasts for weeks to months. I assume this is a die off since its unusual. Oddly the back of my neck and base of my hairline also broke out with many pimples after I started applying the cream. I would recommend applying the cream to the back of ear as well, Im not sure you mentioned the back of the ears but I t
  4. I reread some of your posts and you mentioned that you did have blackheads...were these reduced after the staph cleared? Also wondering if the ears and nose can also be storage sites for other bacteria and fungus?
  5. Healthyalmonds..does the neomycin cause initial break out? Its been three days since applying and I've got five pimples in or around my ear. (some behind my ear..I've have had cysts behind my ear before so I put cream there also) Does staph cause cystic type acne? My acne doesnt look like the pics online of acne caused by staph. Thanks
  6. how about topical monolaurin?..(also known as... Glyceryl Laurate) http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040350 http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040350 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20021093
  7. Thank you very much for your response healthyalmonds. I notice under your name a list of conditions that staph can cause; Im curious if you were cured of any other health issues in addition to acne? Met anyone who cured other issues with the ear and nose treatment?
  8. maybe another clue.. no one in my family has or ever had blackheads..everyone in his family has blackheads. His grandparent told him it runs in the family.
  9. Can staph cause blackheads in addition to cysts? I never had blackheads until i met my bF (who has blackheads and occassional cysts). A few months after we met I was on bactrim for bladder infection. During this time I got my first blackheads ever. I noticed when we were apart for weeks or months they went away but then after we were together for a few years they have not only stayed permanently but have spread. Since then every time I've taken an antibiotic they have spread to other parts
  10. If I were scarring from weight lifting I would check my fasting insulin and also cortisone levels. Insulin resistance can cause high cortisol levels (sometimes not found with blood tests only saliva) which can cause scarring. HTH ALso came to add this.. I tried taking a cod liver oil supplement again after not taking it for over 6 years and it caused me to scar. Its pretty obvious I cant take fish oil.
  11. http://healthwyze.org/index.php/eliminating-parasites.html here is an article about parasite being the cause of lupus. about two years ago I tested positive for lupus antibodies as well as anti-thyroid antibodies. Since this test two years ago I have done many anti-parasite herbs. I was retested for these anti-bodies in May of this year and no antibodies showed up on the tests
  12. yes, I had tests for vitamin/mineral deficiencies. The problem with most of these tests is that they test blood levels of these vits/minerals and the body keeps the blood levels of nutrients tightly controled, plus the blood is merely considered the "highway" for nutrients; "normal" blood levels does not necessarily mean they are getting into the cells and doing their job. ie..My deficiencies of iron and copper were found only when I was tested for levels of their end products--ferritin and ceru