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  1. Absolutely. My Acne is from high stress, and diet alone. It may have even always been that way, but i only understand it in recent years. I'll continue to mess around. I'm working on eliminating dairy from my diet completely, but it is very difficult to live normally/hassle free when you have to be so particular with the diet. I'm also a power lifter so I need to get the calories in large numbers pretty much daily. Carb cycling is something I try to reserve for weight loss, but maybe it'll be
  2. Yes i understand. Seems like there isn't much i can take home from the experience though, when viewed like this.
  3. i'm guessing it has a lot to do with insulin and androgen activity? The hormonal changes from consuming such low fat and calories in general probably had many negative side effects, but a `side`- side effect was lower acne.
  4. It was mostly oat powders and protein powders. I'm unsure if fat is anything to do with it, but i cannot go on a low fat diet as despite what people believe it is the most important macro you can get. I need to try eliminate ALL dairy i think. Then see how i react to my normal diet and play a game of deduction. the trouble is, being an avid strength athlete i have to consume quite a lot of food to progress, and cannot afford to be super strict otherwise it ruins my training.
  5. I've had a bout of depression which sucked away my appetite for a good 2 weeks. In this time i was living off of protein powder and oat powders as it was all i could make myself eat. In this time, I got almost 0 acne. My skin was looked the best i've seen it in a long time. How strange? i'm now thinking something i regularly consume gives me the mild acne i get these days. I thought it could be dairy. I did cut all major dairy sources out a while ago, but i still have it in the form of butt
  6. I am naturally very pale, but when I am tanned, It is really difficult to notice them. But in my country we dont have a long summer. Not much I can do about it then. was looking at AHA and emu oil, but at this point i really am unsure about adding new things to the mix seeing as i know how to avoid my acne now days. Might try it on one cheek for a few months and compare it.
  7. I've had acne since i was 14, am now 21. these days i don't get much zits unless i am very stressed or eating like crap. however when I do get a spot, no matter what happens it always leaves a red mark that lasts for months! I never touch them at all. Even smaller ones will do this. Any inflammation or redness at all on the spot, and it will guarantee a red mark. As such, I have a lot of red marks but little actual acne, which is a very annoying predicament. The odd spot i get just add
  8. signed up to say that this seems to have improved my mild situation. At first the water kefir seemed to flare it up a little worse. This may have been a detox effect. supposedly the die-off releases loads of toxins into the blood at once. So far this week i have noticed almost no new instances of acne. My skins scars seem to even be healing voer a little. go figure. It's worth trying for anyone who is wondering. Water kefir is just great for your health.