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  1. i have this thingy on my cheeks for the last two months. its slightly reddish brownish..and very slighty raised with a little head that came up in the last week. i think the color will stay for awhile but when i touch it, its hard underneath and it has already been two months. shouldnt it not be hard anymore, it never took this long. it started off as what seem to be acne and now is that what it still is or some cystic/keloid terms i read bout. and whatever it is, how can i improve on things.
  2. 'If you dont have red or blotchy skin, don't bother. Finally, If i have any pimples that have gone up and down and are healing, i' do you mean that neutrogena multi helps red blotchy skin? coz i thought i read otherwise and so did not dare to use it
  3. hi do you mean that da wan made your previously rough skin smooth? if so where did you get it from? i am from singapore too
  4. hi would like to know what the da wan ointment did for you. also have you heard of zhongzhou, i believe its from the same company, i was thinking of trying it out but da wan is cheaper. also when you said that your skin cleared up, what was it like initially? did you have rough skin texture? thanks
  5. fallen where do can this product be found and approximately how much is it? how long for the effects too?
  6. hey zenith i was thinking of doing the cleanse/flushes too..but dont really know how to start..you have any clue. i just know that the liver flush steps but i think b4 that its advisable to do the parasitic and bowel cleanse too...a little confusing
  7. i have bad skin texture with visible pores..and i dont think i should use harsh products coz i have some rosacea..any ideas how i can help myself while fading red marks? also has any tried SK-II masks?
  8. so you mean this product is a hoax? i read prasies of this product on another message board. frankly i would get it if it works....i need really help and not some pple who are only into monetary benefits..i believe what goes around comes around. so seriously this works? if it does, will it have initial breakout?
  9. i think those i mentioned in the first message are cystic acne though i dont really know what it is. one on my chin is getting smaller. but the one on my cheek is still raised and red and with a head. i totally hate it and there is still one from three weeks ago that isnt clearing up well. i hate the red marks that they leave behind. all in all i had a horrible christmas...i think i might be on the verge of cranking up
  10. ha ya the green and red is very christmasy..but i dont want to end up as a christmas tree..but thanks guys for your contribution..i put the aspirin mask on one acne yesterday night..its still raised and red with a little head. must be those damn clogged pores...think i'll try to ice it
  11. hi i was wondering if i can use these two products if i have rosacea...coz i am afraid my skin gets irritated with BP and all. anyone with rosacea has success with this?
  12. christmas eve is tomorrow and i woke up this morning to find three red spots. (i never had this many at once, i think its the food i ate lately, milk being the likely culprit) they are red and a lump over a pretty big area. also one seem more raised... what can i do to bring it down...please help i almost cried this morning. also i have rosacea and very sensitive skin, so products like BP could leave a very stubborn mark later..any ideas????
  13. hi i applied some fresh aloe vera on my skin (the problem areas) and they got a little red and sometimes a little itchy...is that normal?
  14. hi my skin is kinda thin and very sensitive..in fact its kinda pink on my cheeks most of the time ( not the healthy rosy pink)..is this vinegar thing going to irritate my skin or make it thinner and more sensitive? Also will the tape be alright on my skin? my problems are redness and pigmentation.
  15. removing make up properly is really imp coz if its not removed it would make skin worse. so how do i do that right? if i dont use a make up remover, can i use milk solution, normal cleaser and then tone. is that alright? by the way does clinique clarifying foundation clog pores?