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  1. I've read about it, and was thinking of trying it also. Can you tell me where you ordered samples from.
  2. Heartless, I did find one on ebay, but I wanted to wait until I could see what the ingredients are before I buy it. I have to be careful about what I use because I tend to breakout. Are you happy with the way your foundation looks with this primer? I use Lancome's Maquicontrole foundation, but I think they are discontinuing it, so that means I have to go on this long search to find another foundation that I like. It has to be oil free and give good coverage. Any suggestions?
  3. Thank you Heartless for all the good information. The Aloette Flawless Skin Perfecting Serum sounds like something I would like to try, but I can't seem to find it on their web site. Is this product new?
  4. I was going to purchase the Smashbox primer, but I'm pretty sure it's not oil-free. I have been using Laura Mercier's primer, but would like to try another line to see if my makeup will look better. Makeupalley.com has alot of reviews on foundation primers.
  5. Sephora sells philosophy's on a clear day for $15.00, but does it help to conceal acne scars?
  6. Can anyone recommend a good silicone foundation primer that won't break you out. Smashbox makes one, but I think it has oil in it. I've heard that silicone primers can help make your foundation look better if you have acne scarring. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  7. I'm looking to go for another consultation for my acne scars. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Dr. Frederick Haberman? Doctorsbeautyhotline.com I've already seen Dr. Rapaport, but would like to get another opinion. He recommended subcision and n-lite, but after reading some posts on this board I'm having second thoughts. His patient coordinator told me that the results would be 30-60% improvement. He also recommended the Fraxel Laser, but just to do the cheek area he's charging $4,500. If
  8. I was wondering if anyone has seen Dr. Rapaport for acne scars. I have an appointment with him the end of March and would like to get some feedback on him. I've already had 5 smoothbeam treatments with another doctor and I've had no improvements. I would appreciate any information you can give me.