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  1. Usually my skin is kind of rough looking but when I drink hard liquor, my skin looks and feels much smoother. But I don't know if my acne gets better from it though and I don't want to damage my liver so even if it did help, not a realistic solution imo.
  2. I would try dermastamping with 1.5mm , it may reduce the depth of your rolling scars and soften the appearance of your ice pick scars. Its probably going to take forever to see "good" results but better soon then never. I've been dermarolling/stamping for past 2 months and have seen good enough improvement on my rolling scars to continue. My ice pick may a improved a little but im not sure and it is still early.
  3. im battling rolling, boxcar, icepick scars. And I've been needling and so far it looks promising on my rolling scars, don't know about icepick or boxcar yet.
  4. from what I've read, needling the nose can be risky business (unpredictable). If you plan to do it, use with caution because there is a chance it might look worse than before.
  5. if you can handle the 1.5mm, i think you'll get better results than the 1.0 mm. Also because your scars are located on the cheeks (meaty area) where it can handle a more longer needle size compare to the temple, and side of the forehead where it is thinner. I'm currently using 1.5 mm roller and dermastamp and so far it looks promising. I want to roll more frequently but it may do more damage than good to your skin. Rebuilding collagen takes a while and goes through phases, if needling is don
  6. i've been taking 3000 iu vitamin d3 tablet form for a little over week. I actually tried this before but didn't notice anything so I just gave this up. But after reading how it can reduce facial oil , i had to give it a try again. First couple days, my face got a little more oilier but then after about a week or so, i definitely noticed a decrease in facial oil which i have a huge problem with. I still get some minor pimples but nothing serious but this helped alot with facial oiliness and my c
  7. *mod edit* Why is this even in nutrition section. I just laugh when I see threads like this.
  8. when i began eating smaller portions at every meal, i began losing weight. Or sometimes I would skip either breakfast or lunch and this also contributed to my weight loss. I didnt like how my body looked, too skinny, so i began doing the complete opposite and gained my weight back and i look healthier. I'm 6 feet and normally weight about 160 lbs. , but lost 10 pounds, and i look weak and fragile so i started eating more and not missing any meals, and gained my 10 pounds back. I just have to
  9. whatever you are eating now and doesnt break you out, i would just eat more of it thats what im doing and gained some weight past couple weeks
  10. Last month i had couple pimples on my butt and i never get it there. I strongly believe for me it was because i ate something wrong.
  11. everytime i tried taking acv, my face got worse and i didnt want to this to continue so i stopped
  12. i tried this a long time ago, it made my face really oily so i just stopped it
  13. when i took more than usual, my face got oiler