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  1. I have been using The Regimen for about a month or so now, using the facial wash and Benzyl Peroxide only once a day. Every time I increase the dosage of BP to the twice a day, my skin starts to flake terribly. I had originally expected this to go away after the first week or two. The one complication is that I'm not using a moisturizer. The moisturizer that came with the Regimen made my skin very red and painful like a sunburn. I am assuming I have some kind of rare allergic reaction to jojoba
  2. Michelle Reese, Like I said to Hope7, I'm only using enough Benzyl Peroxide to cover. I don't put it on thick or anything, and only once per day.
  3. Tracy521, I am using the moisturizer that comes with the kit. The yellow one that smells like bananas and contains jojoba oil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope7, I'm only using enough BP to just cover the skin. And only once per day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I know everyone starting The Regimen has burning/itching issues but the feeling usually subsides after a few minutes. With me the burning continues all day and disrupts my sleep at night. My skin feels really stiff and rough to the touch. Is this normal or am I allergic?
  5. Unfortunately the nasty bump on my nose is not the only acne I have. My mom says that my acne is not severe but I do have some red areas junk mostly on either sides of my nose. I simply mentioned the allergy because it wouldn't been wise to apply toothpaste on my nose when i'm wiping it all the time. Its ragweed mostly but thankfully its seasonal. I don't think I can put much on my face before bed because it would smear everywhere and possible get in my eyes. Ouch, there's Colgate in my eyes! Ha
  6. Benzyl Peroxide is the main ingredient in "The Regimen" I believe. I just can't get over the notion that gentleness is the key to removing acne! I've resorted to scrubbing my face with sandy facial cleansers THEN working it in more with a toothbrush. FAR FROM GENTLE. Perhaps that's why I still have problems. I haven't been able to try toothpaste on the bump because I got seasonal allergies and I'm constantly wiping my nose. Does the Benzyl Peroxide remove all kinds of acne or just one type? I th
  7. Ok so I use at least once a day a acne scrub that has little sand like things in it (wetting face, scrubbing, rinsing). After scrubbing I pop any white heads with an alcohol washed needle. After that I squeeze out the puss and apply alcohol. Then I re-sterilize the needle and carefully remove gunk from clogged pores. I haven't noticed many white heads although the pores seem to clog again by the next day. I just want to make sure i'm not damaging my skin. My house doesn't have air conditioning a
  8. Honestly your face look much better than mine. Just try to not get emotional. I have no friends (used to) and i'm 16. I don't know whether it's acne related. Just keep hope alive. Acne won't kill you.
  9. Thanks for the responses! That pimple making pimple Is one of the more offensive looking blemishes on my face. I will try the toothpaste. I've been removing the crusty white heads when they show up and applying alcohol for bacteria removal but the bump as a whole has remained unaffected.
  10. I have this medium size red bump on my nose that I've had for a month or so and white head spout from this one bump. It's really weird, like a pimple dispenser pimple (sort of). This red bump always has 2-5 small crusty white heads on it. It has shrunk a little from when I first had it but it never leaves and acne scrubs don't help. What do I do to get rid of it?