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  1. That's what ALL men prefer? I don't think so. Sure there are plenty of girls out there who starve themselve to be skinny, but some women are naturally skinny. I think the most important thing is to be happy with how your body is naturally, and I know for a fact that not all guys prefer women such as Jennifer Lopez. Some women, like me, could never look like her no matter hard they tried. ←
  2. i just finished accutane, and am very happy with the results. if my acne comes back, and enough time has passed, i'd do a second course without hesitation... (hopefully it won't come back, and if it does, hopefully, the damn govt will not have taken this miracle drug off the market). i think many people doubt the long term success of accutane, because it is the people whose acne returned that post their disappointing stories. when i started to clear up, i was off this site for weeks and enjoyin
  3. Tazorac was what made my skin so bad that I had to go on Accutane in the first place. never again.
  4. i love True Match. I have the powder and the foundation. Depending on the amount of coverage I need, I'll pick one or the other, (my skin is clearing nicely so i usually just use the powder nowadays). i've been using this stuff since the start of my Accutane treatment and it never irritated my skin. Good coverage, but you ll need to add concealer on top if you're having an especially bad break out period. never got a zit with True Match either. as with any foundation, if your skin is dry (d
  5. i just posted this about a good product I'm using. Check it out... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=60158
  6. Tarte "Smooth Operator" tinted SPF 20 lotion is wonderful. It's oil-free, has better coverage than regular "tinted" moisturizers or SPF lotions, comes in several shades, and isn't greasy. You can buy it on sephora.com or at the store. I'm on Accutane, and I've been using this stuff for 2 months now. It has not made me break out (although Accutane is probably working its magic). With this lotion, I don't need to apply SPF AND foundation. One step and I'm out the door--no excuses not to apply SPF
  7. i can't believe that a site like this, which is the result of contributions from hundreds of thousands of acne sufferers who I assume read anything and everything about skin, still contains posts that sun is "great." it makes me question almost everything else people say here. just because you don't BURN doesnt mean you haven't damaged your skin. i'd advise everyone to go ahead and soak up the rays, but then don't complain about red marks and hyperpigmentation "that never seem to go away" o
  8. go to the derm for a cortisone shot, which was designed for exactly this kind of situation--large pimple before a big event. it should go down within 24 hours.
  9. no need to moisturize if your skin isn't dry. i'm on accutane and even i don't moisturize most days. moisturizing and the need for moisturizer are myths. i know this is a very controversial statement, but... skin care companies market moisturizers as a preventative or corrective solution to aging, but it is widely regarded in medical and biochem fields that something like 90% of aging is caused by sun exposure. That's all there is to it, (coming in second is smoking). Dr. James Fulton, co-cr
  10. i went in for my derm appt. where i got the go ahead for Accutane, went to get blood drawn the next day, which took 3 days to get results, and on the 5th day, went back to derm to pick up prescription. that is all there is to the entire procedure--most of the time--if youre in the US. if you go to a derm whose office does boodwork, it'll be even faster. as for insurance, everyone's varies. it depends on how comprehensive your plan is. also, if you're over 25, insurance tends to cover less fo