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  1. I used to mess with my dose as well, i know this isent adviced but i did. I started on 60mg for afew months but the side effects were too harsh, so i dropped it to 40, then when my acne was lookin bad id whack myself up to 60 again then back to 40, then went to the derm, the progess was good so i was dropped to 40 and id drop it to 20 or not take any, or back up to 60 when they were going bad again then back to 20 etc. It worked
  2. Nearly a year ago i used to come to this website for advice etc and its a great website, full of good people. I havent been back on here since i became acne free. My little story : I started on tetracycline about 4 years ago, and stopped after 6 months because it cured my severe lower back acne and forehead. Big mistake, they came back full force wrecking my life when i left school covering my sholders and neck. I felt like some sort of fuckin diseased, poor excuse of a person. Then i went o
  3. Dunno, i only used vaseline for my lips, use a moisturiser for ur face
  4. Yeah man same here, i find my dreams turn nasty when ive been drinking tho wen ive taken tane, i know its not a good combo but my liver still seems ok haha. Never ever mix tane with driving or operating machines
  5. You talk shit. Im experenced with different kinds of drugs, and this deffinatly does somthing to ur mind. My dreams have been more lucid and real, sometimes bad, and it effects my concentration and seems to slow down my reflexes. Last night i thought i was going fucking nuts i was thinking weird couldent sleep sweating mucle shakes dont tell me this shit is just a prescription drug because if u read the lable it can make people go mad lol Ive been on this stuff for months n months but the we
  6. Lol a migraine. I felt no pain infact i felt numb. Ive had a migraine before this was far from a migraine i felt drugged i kept wondering if i had taken anything by accedent but all i had taken all day was.... accutane....
  7. I dont think about it why would i think about muscle shakes lol. I went to bed last night and something weird happend my thoughts went fucked up my vision went blurry and weird and i couldent sleep, and felt sick. I read u can get phycosis off this drug but ive been on it for months nothing like this has ever happend. It was like tripping on some sorta drug i felt anxious and weird as FUCK.
  8. I havent taken accutane for a few days i took a 20mg tablet this evening though and i seem to be gettin muscle shakes and little spasms as i sit here now. I had this before when i went to bed, on the edge of sleep i wud get weird spasms in my legs and shit very odd. Also my neck felt extreamly weird. I also felt abit anxious and spaced out for a miunit has this ever happend to anyone else??
  9. I had a good dream last night, really vivid
  10. My neck went really itchy one night, i woke up in the night scratching my skin red raw
  11. It depends what im doing. If im walking along talking to someone or stood up its easyer becuase u can sorta glance at them and stuff, but if im sat down i get really uneasey and self concious about staring at someone in the eyes for awhile, or looking at someone in the eyes whilst laughing, ill always look away
  12. I drink all the time and im on tane. The only liver effects ive noticed is that my liver is slower at breaking down booze, i will wake up still abit drunk and still feel like that untill about dinner time, depending on how much ive drunk. I also got burnt up pretty bad on tane, it made me skin really sensitive
  13. Omfg yeah ive had that as well, really real dreams, extreamly vivid. Tane has done some weird shit, ive woken up with nightmares before, and my neck went itchy and i remeber semi waking up in the night itching my neck red raw. Drinking whilst on tane gives me nasty nightmares as well
  14. Ive had concentration problems on accutane and blurry vision, VERY dry lips ( but the dry lips go within a few weeks maybe less when you come off tane ) but i wouldent advise driving whilst on tane on a dose 40mg and above... but thats just my person opinion and what i do. It also made me depressed the first few weeks, and my moods would change alot.