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  1. Three months ago my forehead was a gross wreck. I had job interviews lined up and I really relied on this forum to help support me. I'm grateful for the help they gave me and the support but I think it's really important to warn people that it is very bad for your emotional and mental health to obsess about your acne. It also makes your acne worse. Just reading through a couple of the posts on this sub forum there are lots of people who really need to reach out for help. People on the in
  2. Jan 27 2015- Just read my full log and wow I've come a long way. The last time I washed my face with a cleanser was April 20th 2014. Nine months since I've used cleanser and I gotta say my face looks better and is more consistent. It was really rough for the first 5-6 months as my skins adjusted but it seems to be doing much better. My latest big observation is that sweating makes my acne heal ridiculously fast. It's counterintuitive to everything I always thought about acne but for me
  3. I went to a doctor for a problem with my heart. The combo of irregular heart beat and acne has them thinking my thyroid may be failing. They are doing some blood work to see if it is my thyroid. I'm wondering if anyone has had acne associated with thyroid problems. Having acne for 10 years now has been absolutely terrible but I can't express through typing how terrifying it is have your heart skipping beats a couple of times an hour. Getting rid of my acne has become a side project now b
  4. New pic just a couple mins old. I think my redness is increases. Not a good sign. Also, the other side of my forehead is starting to join in on the fun. I got a decent sized guy coming in on the other side now too. This one is about the same spacing above my eyebrow as the left-er zit shown here. Atleast, I'll be symmetrical. Fuck acne I'm too old for this shit.
  5. Scab came off yesterday in the shower. It had a good run of 5-6 days of scab would have liked longer obviously. Doesn't appear to be re-scabbing but looks like it might scar. Interview is in 7 days (really 6). Does anyone have any advice to get the hyper pigmentation/redness down? I'm using aloe vera on all the spots at this point.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm really not much of a popper anymore to be honest. Here is an update on my situation. I just took this pic about 15 mins ago. The big left zit has started deflating and I'm not sure what happened to the whitehead (I didn't pop it). I'm also not really sure what "stage" it is in which is making it hard for me to decide what to put on it. I'm kinda worried it's going to depress into a huge scar. The other side of my forehead is looking real good righ
  7. Chin up. Being brave is about being afraid and going anyway. You did a good thing and the right thing going to the meeting today. Try to stay positive!
  8. @DeLovely Haha thanks for the encouragement! I had extremely bad anxiety about my acne about 2 years ago to the point where I opted to go to grad school instead of joining the work force. I think I'm finally starting to "grow out of it" / make the right lifestyle decisions. I'm buying a new suit this weekend so I will look sharp as a tack =) Here's an update to my situation. I thought the scab would be gone by now but it's sticking in there pretty good. Yay! Hopefully the aloe and mois
  9. Aight guys. Interview is in 10 days (20th). Aloe vera seems to really be helping with my hyper pigmentation. Honestly though I have no problem making a joke about being "stressed" as long as I don't have any huge pimples. The interview is all day including lunch and drinks after work. If it was just an hour I'd probably take a crash course in putting on make-up. lol. Just gotta try and stay loose and hope for the best. I'll post another pic of my forehead tonight when I get back home.
  10. Eat mushrooms they have lots of vitamin D. Keep exercising even though it sucks in the cold. Drink more water dry air makes us dehydrate much faster. Keep you hair short like in the summer
  11. Thanks for replying. How long does a pound of the whey last you?
  12. @Mandy Thanks for replying. Yeah I'm not a big fan of popping either *gross* when the head starts coming through the skin I think it's best to dispose of it. I like using ACV dipped Q-tips for that operation. Haha the rest of my face (other than forehead) have been clear for a couple months now so I'm really hesitant to start a wash cycle again. Obviously the forehead is a problem. @MN Haha things are as good as they can be. I have an interview for a high paying job in about 2 weeks so
  13. Just a quick photo update. You can see the "left" zit is coming in strong but this one has started developing a whitehead earlier than the scab guy on the right so I'm hoping it won't be as bad. I'm putting diluted tea tree oil on it a couple times a day. Lower right has much less inflammation at this point so I'm not too worried about that. Also giving it the tea tree oil. The top right scab job looks pretty normal I guess. I think if I were to rank colors massive whitehead is th
  14. I post a pic tomorrow morning so we can see how it looks after giving the inflammation a chance to calm down. But Hopefully it can heal from here! @MN Deciding to stop washing my face was a huge decision and it was extremely hard for me to do. I tried tons of different products and gave them real long runs (usually 6months). It's hard but it can be done. Anyway time to find a funny movie on netflix. Hope everyone has a good night! I'll update tomorrow