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  1. which one of the three is most effective do you people think? and for what>? gosh all these diffferent methods are driving me nuts. i don't know what to do?
  2. i think it's the hot water that's causing the redness. it's common sense isn't it? I mean after a hot shower your whole body is redder and all.. But don't worry it shuld die down after about 15 mins and your skin should return to ti's normal color. has this answered our question?
  3. HEY i've been using differin for nearly 3 months now and i think it's working but i'm also on antibiotics so i'm not sure which one is helping. FOr me (along with anitbiotcs) I saw great improvements in 2 weeks time. and now i'm RELATIVELY CLEAR, sitll have couple of whiteheads but not too notcible (i hope). ANd no differin does not help with scars only help clears pimples. YOu're also suppose to experience a break out in abotu 4 weeks time but ifyou're lucky like me you might not. Also aparentl
  4. I WAS wondering if being in the pool will help with acne? i'm trying to get rid of acne and brown marks off my back now that my face is relatively clear. I have heared that it helps. any one know anything? [-o< pleaseee
  5. I have heard alot of people from this board say that antibiotics only work temporary. IS THIS TRUE? OR maybe it just hasn't worked for people on this board (which is why you guys and I are still on here). Maybe the people which antibiotics have helped are not on this site. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  6. hey there I had that problem too. Unfortunately there's nothing much you can do but to wait for them to leave. OR, you could try getting Differen from your derm. I got prescribed differen for my whiteheads on my forehead and worked really well! i started noticing imporovements in the second week. If not, then just continue following the regime, i hear alot of people that with time along with the regime, they go away! Not mater what, don't squeeze em, unless they are ready to be squeezed. ho
  7. i don't have dry skin. My skin hardly ever gets dry even when topical medication is applied to it. it never really gets irritated either. I don't use moisterizer, and i am wondering now whether i should use it
  8. should i go off antibiotics if its causing me breakouts in other areas i haven;t broken out before. It has helped my face clear up a little th0
  9. my bacne isn't severe. like you, i have it like below the cholder blade, mainly consisting of whiteheads that are hardly noticable but sometimes they turn into pimples and then they scar. (DMAN IT) have you gone to see your dermatologist yet?? if you have can yo tell me what he told you??? im not seeing mine till next week. My dermatologist told me the last time i went to see him to apply the differin on my back as well....but it hasn't got alot of effects. About the differin..i'm not sure i
  10. hey keith, i have mild to moderate acne too. Mine mostly consists of blackheads and whiteheads on my forehead. Gosh we're so similar, i've been on anitbiotics for 2 months also. I have seen good results. My acne has cleared up but yeh i haven't been completely clear either. I still get the odd spot here and there. however, i'm not sure, if it's the antibiotics thats helping, the differin, or the homeppathic supplements. From what i know of antibiotics, it only cures acne TEMPORARILY for a
  11. hey keith i have the saem problem. except i'm not on clindamycin in the morning. i've heard its because of the antibiotics. they can cause other areas to break out. i strted having bacne too and i have alot of blackmarks!!!! ive heard its because the antibiotcs kills other bacteria ande lowers the immune system relating to other areas of the bosy or somehting like that. no sure. i've posted a message about it. i m thinking of stopping the use of antibiotics as its often the acne comes back an
  12. hey guys i've been on doxcycline antibiotics for nearly 2 months and it's clearing up the mild -moderate acne i have on my forhead (i tend to get loads of whiteheads and blackheads there) HOWEVER, hearing from alot of people on the board, it seems to be temporary and the acne tends to come back. I also hear that alot of people get break outs in areas they never did before when they're on antibiotics. For me, that would be my back and chest!!! I've been taking homeopathic supplements which is u
  13. So how do you know which BP product to get? Which ingrediants are good and which are not??
  14. thanks guys. i appreciate your replys! I've pretty much just blobbed Alot of BP on one spot so it covers it all up, but i don't feel any effect. IS this normal? i mean i don't feel nothing. I"m worried maybe it's the brand or something, but i got it in a decent shop. And i've heard that BP can cause scarrring too. is this true?? i scar quite easily and i want to prevent it. Thanks guys
  15. okay i've started using 10% BP on my back now putting tons on individual pimples (cos i've got a couple of huge ones in my back area)and around the area. ANd I SEE NO IMPROVEMENT. i don't even feel anything whe i have the BP on my back. IS this because the skin on my back is real tough? OR is it not working? Maybe it's the brand i'm using. I"m really worrried. SOmeone please help. I'm just so fed up with trying so many things I"m so desperate i think i'm going to cry. thanks
  16. is there a difference with different brands of BP? I mean are there different ingrediants? Or are they all the same??
  17. I heard that BP causes pimples to scar more easily. is this true? cna anyone give me some insight on this please? thanks
  18. hey guys i'm really confused about the difference between a pimple and a cystic. I tend to get these things (i'll call it a pimple) and they rise above the surface and the are sore when you press on them but there doesn't seem to be any liquid. they never fully form into a white head but take ages to go away. They also tend to occur in the same area. can anyone tell me what they are?
  19. firstly thanks for replying. i understand your fustrations. it's so embaressing...i don't even wanna go in the pool or the beach cs of it and i have to find anexcuse and i worry nppl will find out... urgh do pimples always ;eave marks on your back even ifyou don't touch it>>>??
  20. even if noone knows anything about BP on back, can someone at least tell me about BP on the face and how it works?
  21. i've just been reading forums on people being on doxycycline and it seems as tho noone had had long term success. This is scaring me. I'm have mild acne on the foehead (but not that mild, enough to notice i have acne) which mainly consists of whiteheads. I've been on doxycycline for nearly 2 months plus differin WHICH IS Helping me clear up. BUT THERE DOESN'T SEEM TO EB ANY SUCCESS WITH ANTIBIOTICS IN THE LONG RUN. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS HAD SUCCESS?? cos it kind of puts me off to
  22. I've noticed that there haven't been many posts on back or chest acne. Perhaps it's because it's not a big porblem amongst acne sufferers but it is something that has been bothering me for years and i would really like it if anyone who's experiencing back or chest acne can give me some advice on it, especially since summer is here! Here's my case. I have mild acne on my back. A couple of pimples here and there but i have loads of whiteheads and some blackheads, which aren't too visible. I ha
  23. i'm kinda in the same situation, i'm on doxycline and use diffirin at night. I'm not sure iif it's getting rid of my oiliness tho. I don't think it's a good idea to wah threee times a day. i believe it does get rid of the oil but instead more oil is produced when you wahs your face more often! i don't know any other solution! i'd want to know if there is one too. try oil papers but i'm not so keen on those-i don't like putting stuff How long have you been on differin? is it working for you? it'