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  1. Thanks for your comment Shadylee.. I am on 100 mg too without side effects. It's what cleared me (and the majority of women) completely, i believe you should give it a try. And have hope
  2. let's play a game. You aren't a very outgoing person. Basically you just go out twice a week to attend your lessons. You also decide to order some books online but go pick them from the store-it costs less that way. So you combine the 2 to save time. You also know that you have a clogged pore on your chin and that your clogged pores always inflame. Guess when it will decide it's time to do it.
  3. Chocolate, cheese, cheese, more cheese and nothing happens!
  4. the last one vanished less than 24 hours later, fortunately. In the meantime i tried taking spiro at night because it suits me better but.. well it started before that change as 2-3 small pustules but now they seem to be the limits of these mosquito-bite-like headless things.
  5. I have a papule now, it's medium size and i wonder why it's here, yesterday i ate far less dairy than the previous days...
  6. Yeeeeeeeees wonderful news i am so happy for you too!
  7. It's great, now i can combine even 3 different dairy products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream). I don't know for how long. The one thing i think about is pregnancy but i don't plan one anytime soon. I know that if i quit, it will start all over again and that's something i am not looking forward to. I have read about women who are on it for more than a decade but it doesn't mean that i don't feel some fear or doubt. I don't know.. You will be able to eat ice cream soon! Think that,unlike me, after
  8. I keep trying different types of dairy (cheese and ice cream yesterday) and so far it looks good. Irrelevant question: is it just me or do others also think that it's impolite when you reply to a topic (actually you are the only one who bothered) and the op doesn't even respond?
  9. I tried combinations of dairy the previous days with little to no breakouts.. Yeeeees
  10. I use Dan's 10% AHA every night and 40% lactic acid peels once a week, so I'm not sure if I want to add another cream to the mix...when would I apply that relative to my current routine? I don't really use anything other than moisturiser in the morning 'cause I wear make up during the day, and I have pretty sensitive skin so I'm afraid too many different products will irritate it. Did you buy your Vit C serum? If so what brand did you buy and how much was it? Thanks! The one i use is made by a
  11. My current status is similar to yours, being on hormonal treatment and b.p. that keep me more or less clear of active acne but left with marks. Something that could also be used to treat them is a cream or serum with vitamin c. I have done this before and i believe it helps. I recently started using again my moisturizer with vitamin c and also a vitamin c serum. I don't know if you can add something like that to your skin routine.
  12. I know what you mean, i still sleep every night with a small mirror by my side, having dreams about waking up and finding many nodules and much more hyperpigmentation especially when i am afraid about something i ate. When you live with something for so long, even unpleasant, it feels strange to be gone. I am happy that i can eat ice cream without paying too much for it. I haven't had a big (volcano like ) break out for a month though i had 2-3 small papules or pustules. I believe it is almost
  13. I made my nose a mess, naturally. I ate a big slice of cheese without breaking out and the next day an ice cream that is responsible for the small pustule on my chin. I would be happier if that pustule wasn't there but it is an improvement, normally i would have a huge papule/nodule.