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  1. Dotty, Interesting post. I'm just checking a couple of dose amounts you suggest. First - it's 6 grams of cinnamon. That's alot when taken in pill form (highest capsule I found is 600mg). Do you use pills or powder? 2nd - 1mg of Lipoic Acid as maintenance. Lowest capsule I can find is 100mg. Also, I'm interested in how you worked out the total amount of each of the supplements you suggest? Research links etc Regards Daz
  2. My experience with liver cleansing is doing flush's. I find them a quicker, stronger and deeper way to clean the liver out and get fast results. As Pete stated you can get all that info from curezone.com.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm buying one. Will take a few weeks before it arrives as I'm in Australia. Daz
  4. Pete, Totally agree with your comments on liver cleansing. I cleanse and flush every 1-2 months, but feel that something is missing, thus my interest in the zapper. How long did it take for you to get clear? Did the zapper help with healing of red marks from past acne? Will you use the zapper to maintain your clear skin? I've emailed Ken regarding the zapper and read through his website. Philey-O-fish, keep the updates coming, I'm very interested Daz
  5. Hi all, Just a post to inform you all of the success I've had clearing my skin using detoxing and small daily diet changes. As a 32yo male, I've been searching for an answer to clear skin for 20 years. I regarded my acne condition as mild to moderate before using diet/detox methods linked below, with persistent (3-10 pimples), around and below the mouth, with the occasional spot outside the stated area & oily-ish skin. I've used tane 3-4 times (cleared but came back every time) and have had
  6. Clear, I have someone interested in the canus and will give my Zum bars to a friend. Glad to hear the improvement with your skin...GO JOJOBA! Kei Fujo - When I was using the GM soaps, I was getting pimples in places where I haven't brokeout since a teenager. I would say that 50% of the pimples I had from GM were larger than normal as well & sore, even some of the small ones hurt. Try spot treating with jojoba oil or sudacrem (there's a thread on these boards somewhere)...both of these met
  7. Wow that sounds like a lot of fun!! Best of luck mate :D Thank you
  8. Helen, Thanks for that info. This will be my first time in England...Stockport, just outside of Manchester. Coming over to cricket during your summer...hope you're going to have a warm summer! First thing I'll do is go to Holland & Barretts Daz
  9. Keep that feeling with you everyday. You provide a great deal of help here...thank you. Daz
  10. Clear, I used the C15 for 10 days without any problems before starting any of the soaps. It's something in the soaps and the only thing they have in common is the GM. Me and milk just don't mix well...internal & now external. Saw the movie loved it. Everyone should do it and the people on this website are some of the best at it, with the information and help they provide. Daz
  11. When I get to England I'll search for NOW. The one I have is Green Tea 10g Equiv to Catechins 428mg Epigallocatechin-Gallate (EGCG) 257mg Daz
  12. xxndnromeoxx, Currently taking 8 fish (salmon) oil a day. I was told to keep them in the fridge...True/false? Only find one Green Tea Extract pill here in Australia http://www.fusionhealth.com.au/ecommerce.p...ory=Green%20Tea Popping 3 day to start and when I arrive in England in a week will up to 4. Found a Green Tea Toner which I'll try http://www.ultraceuticals.com/pop_product_...Y&pl_id=108 Daz
  13. Clear, The soaps don't work for me and it seems such a waste to use on the body, so if someone else is having success and needs supplies, then it would be my pleasure to help them out this way...scratch good deed to another off todays list of things to do! Pay it forward!!! I went to a skin specialist today and was told that the GM soaps were damaging the layers of my skin?? They took one look at me and asked if I'd been burnt in the sun or a fight ...and I thought it wasn't that bad. Thing
  14. Hi All, I'm jumping onboard the Green Tea Extract train to clearer skin and overall improved health. Already taking fish oils. I have read an article about how a topical 3% Green Tea Extract Cream was as effective as 4% BP, but without the side effects and possible long term damage. http://www.acnetreatment.vg/green_tea_and_acne.html Anyone know where to get this cream or a cleanser with 3% Green Tea Extract??? Daz
  15. Clear, I'm going to England in a week, so if Rikke would like the soaps I can take them with me and post from there. Need to know asap though. Daz