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  1. psylockegrey

    After 4 months

    I don't think there's much difference. :(
  2. I'm new here, and I found the regimen by accident. Here's what I will use: Johnson's baby top-to-toe wash Benzac 5%/2.5% Celeteque moisturizer
  3. A photoblog/photojournal of my progress.
  4. Saw him. Will order tomorrow. Thanks for the info! Here's to hoping my acne will clear up. :D
  5. No such luck AyeAye. All the pharmacies nationwide over hear don't sell the 2.5%. They always say it's phased out, which I don't really understand since you guys can still get it. I got my Benzac from a guy who got his stock from the Middle East. Oh the effort we must go through to get clear skin. Haha. Hi there! Yes, I called Mercury Drug, and they said that 2.5% is "phased-out". According to the derma who I consulted with before, 5% is okay as long as you apply it once a day or every oth
  6. So, I have terrible acne. I have tried so many products, and nothing works for me. I decided to tray BCP because I'm really desperate. However, as I was browsing the Net for reviews and possible BCP side effects, I came across a video on YouTube about a regimen that she tried because it was recommended to her through a video response. After watching the video, I came across this site. So now, I'm going to follow The Regimen by using alternative products because honestly, if I will have