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  1. Having a cold can make skin better in a number of ways. Increased body temperature makes an unfavourable environment for acne bacteria. As enzymes only function in a specific temperature range, the bacteria population may reduce. Although your body does produce third-line, specific antibodies to fight the cold, second-line non-specific defence also occurs. These go through the blood 'patrolling' the body and the inflammatory response means that some of this also goes into surrounding tissues. H
  2. Hey , Most good quality mascaras should not flake. Check out Clinique, Lancome, Shu Uemura and some of Maybelline. Maybe if you tried using a waterproof formulation in a pencil medium, it wouldn't slip as much. Or try a cake eye liner. Also possibly seal it using a sealant - MAC has one, as does Benefit (She-Lac). Good luck
  3. Hey, Although UV tanning thickens the stratum corneum resulting in less visible blemishes, it causes a variety of undersirable consequences and coupled with the fact that benzoyl peroxide makes your skin photosensitive, fake it instead. My favourite bronzing powders: - Lancome Star Bronze Compact XL in 02 Intense - Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder - MAC Matte Powder Bronzer - Bloom Aloha Bronzer - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer; and - Benefit Hoola Make sure you use a good brush,
  4. Hi, If you find a salon in a reputable place, as for the head beauty therapist. Talk to her and ask her to do your eye brows in a subtle and masculine way. Good luck.
  5. Hi, Paula's Choice has a whole bunch at a low price, and I think going to China Town would be a very good idea as well. The ones from the Shiseido range aren't only for men, they are unisex I believe.
  6. Hi, If you want a balancing foundation, try L'Oreal Ideal Balance Foundation for combination skin or Lancome Adaptive. L'Oreal owns Lancome so the products would be pretty similar. They are designed to hydrate dry areas, whilst mattifying oilier areas.
  7. Hi, If you want to clean your puff, clean it with a no-tears baby shampoo like Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Just wash it gently, and let it dry. You should do this about once every 3 to 4 weeks, however the puff will experience some degredation as a result. I did this and the puff's stitching was ruined. They are about $1 from MAC and maybe less from department or variety stores and pharmacies, and just replace these every 3 to 4 weeks. My Clinique one comes with a latex one whic
  8. Hi, If you want to control oiliness, use Milk of Magnesa which you can buy from the chemist. It's about $6 for a 200mL bottle. Just shake the two phases so it's all an opaque white liquid, then dab on a small amount onto your finger and onto your oily areas. It works very well, just make sure you apply it well to avoid white streaks. If you want something else, try Origins Zero Oil, Lancome T. Controle, MAC Texture Matte or Clinique Sheer Matteness T-Zone Shine Control. Also have you ti
  9. Hi, The Naphazoline Nitrate and Antazoline Sulfate in Antistine-Privine help reduce redness by having an anti-histamine effect, as well as constricting blood flow to the area. However, this is a temporary solution only. If you have *ONE* *SMALL* pimple which you want to treat, just dab a bit of Preparation H onto it to constrict the blood flow. Do NOT use this one large areas. To make the redness go cosmetically, get a concealer, with a green colour corrector. To splurge, get the Clarin
  10. Hi, Stop using your make-up which is causing break outs immediately. Instead, try not using make-up, but instead use the benzoyl peroxide treatment. It should clear it up a fair bit before the wedding.
  11. Hi, If you feel like using regular tissue, it's fine, just don't disturb your make-up. Blotting papers are usually specially designed not to disturb make-up, and may also have a special powder coating to prevent further oiliness. I use blot tissues even when I don't wear make-up. Also, use a preventative mattifier in the morning, like Origins Zero Oil, Lancome T. Controle, MAC Texture Matte, Clinique Sheer Matteness or as a cheap alternative Milk of Magnesia. And sometimes I need to
  12. If you are after a natural looking blush, get a stain. They are natural and give a healthy glow. Try the one from Benefit, called Benetint. Just apply a dab to your apples work it and and back to your temples. Or, for a matte appearance (if you have oily skin), try a powder blush like NARS Blush in Orgasm, Deep Throat or Sin.
  13. Hi, I don't think they to touch ups, it is quite costly and time-consuming. If you must cover-up your pimples, go to a department store and ask for help at a cosmetics counter like Clinique. Ask them for an oil-free, non-comedogenic concealer which will treat your pimples too. Clinique has an Anti-Blemish Solutions Concealer which covers up and treats at the same time. Just make sure the colour matches, if it doesn't try another make-up counter.
  14. Hi, You mustn't use hair removal cream on your eye brows. Not only is it an alkaline chemical which will eat away at the proteins in the skin, but it is unruly and can cause an uneven finish. I recommend getting your eye brows done professionally at a salon once a month and maintaining them weekly at home by plucking any stray hairs. I don't recommend waxing above the brow because it would result in a very artificial finish. If you try and bleach the hairs around your eye brows, the
  15. Hi, I haven't tried that product from Clinique, but it would be very good for the scars you are talking about. I have a similar product from Laura Mercier. You need to mix both halves together using a brush to get the right shade for your skin. This means you can get the perfect colour for your skin to make it look more natural. But I think you should try the Continuous Coverage in the tube, it goes on opaque and gives lasting camouflage for scars as well as physical sunblock. If you ar