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  1. tomasduran

    The only cure

    The only cure

    This is the only product that can help me The creams,gels didn't work for me,my acne was so bad and my face was really greasy and my hair too,now my face it's normal but i have to use sunscreen and moustrizer but it's nothing compared to the past
  2. tomasduran

    Love it

    Love it

    I love this product is for sensitive and greasy skin,is perfect for me because the gel don't make my skin dry but it's excelent for greasy because your skin look less briter
  3. pors and cons

    perfect when you are not irritated because can burns your skins but when your skin dont feel irritated you can used
  4. I used to be very acne.yo cried every day and wished that one day was over, but it was not, and had never seen me deseperaba all there pimples on my face, did not know what to do or how to do it, no treatment helped me a day could no longer more and told my mom to take me to another dermatologist and take me, I prescribe antibiotics and some cream, -;, not served, then she prescribe accutane me to prinicpio I was a little sad because more grains began dating two months later and I have nothing!