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  1. Hiya Mel, nice to hear that someone else is trying the bar. I was just poking back in to say that I still highly recommend it, although I have an update: I did have a terrible hormonal cystic breakout this past month so I know that there are things the acne battle bar will NOT prevent. However, my scars are now healing twice as fast as they did the last time I had a spell like this and I know it's due to all the natural oils in the soap and the fact that it's gentle on my super-irritated skin.
  2. Yes! I've only been washing twice a day with it, rubbing it in for about thirty seconds before rinsing it off...it seemed like it did take a couple of days for my oil production to adjust, I remember wanting to wash four or five times the first couple of days because my skin felt too moist, but I know sometimes with new products there's an adjustment period. So I held out and now I just feel moisturized, not oily. I can't say my acne has 100% healed, it does seem like a few persistent blackh
  3. I did a search to see if anyone's posted about this product yet but didn't see anything, so hopefully I'm not rehashing someone else's post. I won't link to the company's website because I'm not affiliated with them (and you can google the product name and find them easily enough), but I wanted to share this because I know I've read helpful product reviews on these forums for years and tried many of them with varying degrees of success. A co-worker recommended the Acne Battle Bar to me and I