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  1. well i did experience the temporary flushing during accutane, but my face was red the entire day, with clusters of small bumps on my cheeks. It simply doesnt go away all day. I think it was partial cause by using a mosturizer with AHA after exposure to extreme cold.
  2. I finished a 4 month course of accutane at the end of this november. I was pleased with the results more or less-i went from having a ton of acne to only a pimple or 2 at most. But i got flushed and really red occasionallu. Recently i experienced rosacea for the first time in my life. I stayed home from school today because my skin was so red and swollen and irratated. Has anyone else developed rosacea from accutane or other acne meds?
  3. Is there any still here who started from 8/15- 8/30 i started on the 15th making this my final month. these last 5 months have certainly been...interesting whilst on tane But i only have 1 active pimple now compared to coutnlesss before so accutane has worked well for me. To the people who started at the same time as me..are you guys doing 5 month courses, or something shorter or longer?
  4. go dr dans cortibalm! altohugh i have to apply it a lot, it works better than anything i tried. And it does make your lips shiny which is the worst for guys.
  5. I don't know how it works for you guys, but my derm is in a hospital, so he gives me a sheet for the blood test and i just go downstairs to the lab and get my blood test in the same building. But on the back of the sheet it has a list of all the possible tests and my derm has several checked off meaning they run those tests, and belive me i checked to make sure there were no tests for THC or marijuana or anything of the sort.
  6. I stopped and started accutane twice before I finally commited. I had the same doubts and anxieties, so i would go on it for 2 days, then decide i didnt want to do it, then a month later i did the same thing. Eventually I decided I needed to do it, and this august i started. Now its my 5th month, andmy face is 99 percent clear, and has been for a couple of months. Accutane was one of the best decisonss I have ever made. You will have to put up with applying chapstick every half hour and mosturiz
  7. before accutane i would only get a headache if i ran into a wall or something. Whilst on accutane(im in my 5th and final month) i get headaches at least once a week, sometimes 3 or 4 in a week. No matter how painful they get, i would not consider stoppin the accutane
  8. I am on my 5th month of Accutane. While I have been on it i would say i drink a good amount every weekend or every other. I have read about liver damage, but does anyone have any realy personal experiences here? So far my only side effects are dryness, redness, and chapped lips, also i feel a little depressed occasionaly, which usually doesnt happen. But does anyone have any first hand stories of liver damage or other negative effects of drinkin whilst on tane. thanks, mike
  9. Ina few days my 5th month of Accutane. Until recently, accutane has more or less treated me well. I had a pretty bad inital breakout in my first week, then was more or less clear or mild the rest of the time, which is a great improvment. I had really chapped lips after a few weeks, but chapstick helps with that. Until recently, I ahdnt experienced severe dryness on my face, but that changed last week. Now my skin is dry and flakey all the time, and constantly gets bright red all the time. I have
  10. I started on 8/15...quite a nice size club we have here. I had an initial breakout for a couple of days, then by day 5 i started clearing up. but anyway I'm on amnesteem 60mg per day..glad to have so many people starting around the same time...I hope it works for all of us
  11. My dermatatoligist told me to take three 20 mg pills at the same time. However I was chekcing the prescription information and ... "The safety of once daily dosing with Amnesteem has not been established. Once daily dosing is not recommended." what the hell right. so does anyone else once daily dose, and for those who don't, whats a good way to do it twice a day. thanks
  12. Hey everyone, Im just going into my 3rd week of Accutane. On the 3rd day of it I got 2 of the biggest pimples I ever had, then a day later the 3rd biggest I ever had. However on the 5th day it started getting better and now after 2 weeks its the best its been in a while. I can;t help but wondering if maybe the initial outbreak hasnt even hit yet, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. Has anyone else had experiences like this on Accutane. I'm 145 and on 60mg Amnesteem, 3 20mg pills with a fatty din
  13. My Accutane Log so far, please comment Day 1, I got the Accutane pills at the pharmacy and I'm gonna take them for the first time tonight! Day 2, So It's day one of my Accutane, actually Day 2 . Last night I took the Accutane (amnesteem) pills, and havent really noticed anything different- no side effects or anything. So far, I'm excited-it's probably gonna take a while, but I'm excited- I think in the end it will work out, so good luck to me I guess Day 3, Well, it's day 3 of Accutane, I
  14. Mainly for Accutaners,but anyone can respond if you have good advice or a question. What have you found is the most effective Lip balm/solution for chapped lips? I just started Accutane yesterday, and I use Chapstick Lip Mosturizer SPF 15. It works fine for me normally, and I hope it will contoinue to work on Accutane.
  15. my derm ahs me on 60mg of Amnessteem a day, in which I take three 20mg pills everyday. For my refill he gave me a presicption for 20 mg and 40mg so i could take 60mg a day through taking only 2 pills. Except that the 40mg i got fromt eh pahrmacy was Roche Accutane, and the 20 was still amnesteem. Is it okay to take accutane and amnesteem together? Has any ever done this? Please reply thanks