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  1. This sounds very promising so can't wait to give it a go. Thank you. Im so impatient and just want it sorting but I will take your advice and jump in with a low percentage one. Any recommendations on brands of peels? and I have an oil free moisturiser on hand Never heard of the TCA peel so how is it different from the glycolic salicylic peels? stronger?. Glad its helped your PIH I know how frustrating it is. Thanks so much for the help. Chemical peels will only hel
  2. Chemical peels will only help a bit with very high concentrations and you must go in the dermis layser with a peel. You can't do this at home by yourself. I had a deep phenol peel with 88% and 4 weeks after i had a tca with 50 % and i have still all my scars. My skin is much better and thicker but my rolling scars on the right cheek are still visible. I would rather go with needling and dermal fillers and a chemical peel on top of that to improve the texture. Scars are very hard to treat and it
  3. I just came back from my docs office. It went out good so far. He said that this patches are not scarring. It's skin that heals. Also he said, its safe to do a second peel and i dont have to pay for it. He will do a lighter peel to get rid of the red areas ( he will fade it out to the surrouding area) . And the areas on the picture are less red than on the day i took the picuture . I think that's because i use thick layers of cicalfate on the areas.
  4. Today i will see my doctor and i let him know, that i am not suprised and dont want to pay the full price. I talked to my lawyer and she said i can do that. My whole face is covered with red stripes and those nasty patches like in the picture. I hope this will fade and not scar me. I have to start work in 2 weeks. Im so afraid of being outside all the time because of the sun and dirt.
  5. Well it seems like that the most acne patients tend to have low collagen production. My best firend is 31 and a cosmetician. She also had acne and her skin feels the same as mine. It's not as tight as on normal persons with normal skin. If i dont get a good amount of sleep, i will look like a drug addicted. My skin becomes loose or kinda saggy.
  6. I hope so. But i dont know what to use for topical. My collagen production is very low due to stress and stuff, and i would like to increase it with topicals. But i can't use any retin-a or aha stuff as long as i dont know what this red areas are. It looks really horrible!
  7. Well i think the redness is better than last week. Also today its less red than yesterday. But i used avene cilcalfate on the spots. Sometimes it looks like a healing process or a slight infection. Last week i went to my dermatologist because i thought my doc did something wrong. She said that's the normal healing process and no scar formation. But i dont know if she was right...she is new and young. My old dermatologist was'nt there at this time. I guess i have to see her. When she is saying th
  8. Retin - A does make Scars?! Thats quite interesting, because i did use retin - a the last few days. My doc said its safe to use now. But i think it did worsen the spots. Do you have still the scars?
  9. Hey guys i am 3 weeks post my phenol peel. It got rid of many scars and my texture is better but i think it had left my with scarring! I dont know if its just normal wound healing but my doctor can't see me until friday. I think he did something wrong but will not admit it. Here is a picture of the right side which is not the only spot i have this weird kind of texture.
  10. Anyone else tried this? I just did a research and notghin came up with it...
  11. Hey there, just ordered a bottle of lavender oil b/c i've read so great things about it. Now im just wondering if someone here on Acne.org has tried this oil befor? You need to know, I do not use a moisturizer and just wash my face with water and oatmeal. Since i have broke out a little and dont want to use harsh stuff like bpo 2.5 % i'm looking for an alternative treatment of bacteria and dryness.