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  1. Hawaii4Life

    Masturbation And Acne

    There is defintley something to be said about masturbation and acne. (At least in males) I personally think some people are more prone to hormone instabilities or fluctuations I should said caused by ejaculation. However, I think masturbation is healthy in moderation as apposed to say doing it everyday. I try to abstain from it as much as possible but I found about once a week seems to keep my head on straight because going any longer drives me insane lol
  2. Hawaii4Life

    Caveman Regimen Log

    Yo so im gonna start this full fledged in a couple days can you just give me a quick rundown of what you did in the beginning? I'm just confused as when im supposed to shower and when im not. Thanks!
  3. Hawaii4Life

    My Tea Tree Oil For Acne Study!

    Yo I've been subscribed to you on you tube for a while now. Keep us updated. I love your videos!
  4. Hawaii4Life

    Personal Log (Clarisonic)

    No problem! Just remember the more irritation whether that's self induced or product induced will lead to more breakouts. But do what works for you!
  5. Hawaii4Life

    Personal Log (Clarisonic)

    Personally, I have zero experience with any type of device such as a Clarisonic but its either a hit or a miss for people. Alot cheaper alternative and its not as abrasive as a clarisonic would be a mild exfoliator or very low concentrations of salcylic acid. Unless you live or work in areas where your skin gets clogged due to environmental factors dirt, dust ex.) Then I see no reason for something such as a clarisonic.
  6. I'm still unsure as to why the person didn't just supplement with melatonin lol. Believe me I'm all for getting as much sun as I can but it seems like Liquid Melatonin in the supplement form is exactly the same as the melatonin produced within your body. And you wouldn't have to spend your day looking at the sun xD
  7. Hawaii4Life

    Skin Purging Or Breakout

    Never heard of the product so I cant really say much. However what were you using prior to this product?
  8. Hawaii4Life

    Caveman Regimen Log

    Yo keep us updated man
  9. Hawaii4Life

    the caveman regimen

    Really looking forward to trying this over either spring break or summer (when im not in school) Theres so many damn approaches to this method tho. I will not wash my face for about 3-4 weeks If i can help it and then try wash maybe once a week or something. I'm also just getting tired of having to slather products on my face... -Hopefully it will work for me thats the thing im looking forward to the most.
  10. Hawaii4Life

    Dmso: The Best Fix For Acne

    I honestly could not agree more. Just the feeling of waking up with no acne would be life changing for me And please do! Scars depending on what time are very hard to get rid of. I hope the castor oil works for you!
  11. Hawaii4Life

    Why masturbation causes acne?

    Strange how people that don't have oily skin can also have acne. Makes you think if oil does not cause acne then how come acctuane works so well.....
  12. Hawaii4Life

    Dmso: The Best Fix For Acne

    I really like your outlook! Its something that personally I need to work on because I really do stress to much about it when in reality other than a few things not a whole lot there is for it. I agree! I'm just still amazed that acne has been around for a relatively decent amount of time (at least since modern science has begun) and we still have no general cure (Accutane but i wouldnt consider that a cure to be honest) I dont understand why that cant produce accutane without the nasty side e
  13. Hawaii4Life

    Dmso: The Best Fix For Acne

    RIGHT?? I really feel like sometimes no matter what I do I will always have to deal with sometype of acne regardless. I eat as healthy as I possibly can, down gallons of water, stay active (more than alot of people tbh) and my supplements/vegetables/fruits are all on point. I really do watch now what I put into my body and I will say it has helped ALOT but about once a week I still get about 2-3 whiteheads and partially inflamed. I have cut out dairy with special occasions such as events ex.)
  14. Hawaii4Life

    Why masturbation causes acne?

    Same, on day 2 over here lol
  15. Also curious as to how its going I'm very interested in the progress because I want to try something like this!