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  1. i'm 15 and have had acne since.. oh, i don't know? 10? over the years i've tried almost everything. topical treatments either didn't work or stopped being effective shortly after. i found out two weeks into minocycline that i was severely allergic to it; erythromycin did nothing; birth control didn't seem to improve my skin and made me a raving lunatic. the only thing that's been effective so far is accutane, which i've used twice, the first time for 2 months and the second time for 6 weeks. bot
  2. i've been on my second round of accutane for almost exactly a month now. the first time was from late december 05 - mid-march of this year, only three months, i know, but i stopped taking it because i felt it was affecting my mood. looking back i think the reason for that was a lot of other shit going on in my life at that time.. anyway - due to the length of the round or whatever reasons there could be, the acne came back and i'm back on accutane. so this time i have quite a few questions.. m
  3. i don't reccommend pure, the reviews on MUA aren't all that great, and when i tried it, i found the coverage was very sheer, hard to blend (dried way too fast), and didn't control oil at all, but made my pores more visible. covergirl is good for foundations, i always come back to CG smoothers even after trying more expensive haute couture lines.
  4. dior's foundations are okay, in my opinion. not great, though. a little too thick for my liking, but you can blend them out. all the colour selections are tinted slightly beige/yellow. also, they reek of dior's signature old-lady perfumey fragrance. doesn't really control oil and i can easily see it breaking someone out. probably not the best bet for a guy. (:
  5. I swear by any Clarins mascara. Everyone always recommends one to me saying that it's not clumpy, but OH it is. Except for this one.
  6. Hello hello everyone.. Before I get started on this, I think I should explain everything first, or else this will be confusing. I've been seeing a skin specialist for about two years now, except he's not really a skin specialist - he's more of a general practitioner with an interest in dermatology. Anywhoo, three weeks ago to the day, I went to him and practically begged to be put on tetracycline. My acne is not as bad as most people's on here, but is still the major problem in my life (it's not