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  1. i dont know if this is a big deal... i was on tetracycline and duac for about a year and now my derm put me on duac in the morn and differin .3 at night.... does that seems like a high dose to start at? also should i expect an initial breakout even tho i am using duac in the morning? lastly does differin help the large red inflamed acne? or only the underskin small bumps etc.
  2. I just got perscribed tetracycline 2 250mg pills a day and duac and night. I have been using dans bp gel in the mornings because I am so used to the regimine morning and night. So far my skin is about the same dryness as before ( i moisturize with cetaphil) ... should i only be doing what the derm perscribed (tetracycline 2 250mg pills a day and duac and night). Is my skin going to get very dry or can i continue what im doing if i dont see extreme dryness? oh and anyone who has used these m
  3. oh ok thanks for the info, but that sounds more like it takes 2 weeks to kick in then it caused an initial breakout. Either way its good to know that it made you pretty much clear after 2 weeks
  4. i was just put on tetracycline 2 250mg pills a day, and duac at night..... when did you get your initial breakout?
  5. I tried Klear Action the knock off of proactive and had decent success, and then when i couldnt find it in stores i Tried AcneFree... for me it was less effective then Klear Action, and neither was close to the results I got on the regimine. I have been on the regimine for over a year, but still get some breakouts and rarely have a day without a few active pimples so i went to the derm and so far so good..... So in conclusion for mild acne AcneFree might work, but its not a miracle product.(a
  6. whey should not break you out. I've taken it for over 2 years, however everyone is different, and some people find foods that break them out. You can switch back to the old whey, or just stop taking it a few weeks and see what happens. YOu can get protein from many other sources including soy. OR if you want to go all natural eat a lot of eggs, meat, fish, penutbutter, oatmeal, milk etc and see what happens.
  7. i just got a duac and tetracycline perscription. duac at night, tetracycline once daily. should i still use the regimen in the morning? or drop it and see how this goes?
  8. I've had acne since middle school, and im turning 20 in a few weeks, and i decided i really need something that is going to work. I am going to the derm on tuesday. I have used every over the counter, and I've been on the regimine for about a year and a half with ok results but not even close to being clear. I rarely have more then 3-4 days a month where i dont have a few active pimples. Anyway i was in the sun this weekend and my face doesnt look terrible. I only have 3 active pimples, some
  9. is this permanent or only while on the antibiotics?
  10. there has been a lot of discussion on the topic. How i see it is the SA helps clean the pours and remove dead skin, making way for the bp to be absorbed better and deeper in the skin, not getting blocked by the dead skin and clogs. HOWEVER if you have not been on the regimine long you may not want to use both or you might get way too dry.
  11. whey should not break you out at all. whey has never given me a problem
  12. most debit cards have a mastercard or visa symbol on the front of them. if they do then you can just use it as a credit card online. no need to select the debit option.
  13. i heard it leaves a red spot.... how long did the red spot stay for you all
  14. the key is eat as much as possible. by your height and weight it sounds like you have a really fast metabolism, at least that is the case with me. I have about 6 small meals a day. the key is eat as much HEALTHY food as you can. for us skinny guys anytime your stomache is growling thats bad because your body is gonna stop building muscle to fuel your body, or worst case break down your muscle for food. so throw some food in your system as often as possible. this obviously is only good
  15. i second el guapo. whey shouldnt break you out. in fact there have been numerous studies and diet has not been proven to affect acne in any way. however i do hear some people swear it does... so i guess it can depend on the person. also his point on gaining weight is 100% correct. penut butter, banana, oatmeal, yogurt, and some milk in a blender tastes pretty good, is cheap, and should give you what your looking for.