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  1. Thanks for the helpful info Izysy! Now I'm even more motivated to improve my sleeping habits. Looks like it's going to take a while though!
  2. Hey Johnny, Can I ask what the characteristics of your new breakouts are? My skin texture got so terrible, a lot like yours, after I took an antibiotic for 8 months. However, I was also using a strong retinoid cream at the same time, so that may have contributed as well. I wonder if for some unfortunate people the antibiotic changes their facial bacteria so strangely that this is what happens? Let me know how your skin is doing!
  3. It's commonly accepted that high androgen production contributes to oil production, which clogs up your pores, which leads to inflammation, etc. This is why dermatologists push birth control on me; they see that my skin is oily so obviously I must have a hormonal imbalance. Typical dermatologist visit (for me at least). This was probably true when I was a teenager going through puberty because my skin was oiler than the other kids and I would get small inflamed pustules all over my face. I al
  4. Hi Nina, I read too that in Chinese medicine cooked foods are better because they are "warming" to your stomach, which is good for eliminating dampness. My naturopath told me I have dampness by looking at my white, swollen tongue. However, she didn't say anything bad about me eating salads and fruit everyday. (I recently started eating cooked foods instead of salads though anyway just to see if it would help.) I wonder if the reason the smoothies were fine is because they were already mechanical
  5. I washed my face with Epsom salt after reading reviews about how it cleared up a lot of people's acne by drawing out the skin's toxins. People also say that magnesium and sulphate are great for your skin! On an aside, I also drank it once for a liver cleanse, and it tasted nasty. Something else I did was add a spoon of it to a glass of tap water for rinsing my face because I read that it can help reduce the harshness of chemicals in water (I don't know if that's really true or not). For a f
  6. Thanks for reading londoncat! I agree, even if your acne didn't disappear it would probably make your body very happy!
  7. I have Meibomian gland dysfunction. I read that retinoids can make it worse because they alter your sebaceous glands.
  8. Lots of people argue that WHEN you go to bed and wake up (not how much sleep you get) doesn't have a lot to do with your skin. I came across a poll made by another member in the forums and I found it interesting that only a small number of people go to bed from 9-11 PM. What's even more interesting is that I've known a lot of people who go to sleep at around 10 PM and wake up around 6 AM every single day, and they have PERFECT skin. As in, they could eat french fries for life and wash their
  9. My diet is strict anti-inflammatory/elimination. I can't risk using retinoids in case of my eyes; I really wish I could get Dan's BP for a reasonable price (it would cost over $80 for me). Thanks for commenting!
  10. So it must indeed be hormonal then if those pills worked for you, Leanna! Maybe I'll give the herbs a bit more time to work considering they're a lot less potent than pills.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to comment! No not at all! I generally don't touch anywhere near my eyes in terms of cleansing and treatment because the skin is so nice around there. To be honest I don't know for sure if it was contributing but I don't think I can risk it!
  12. Hi thanks for the reply The gp here in the uk won't refer me to a dermatologist and I can't afford to go privately. I would take accutane but they say my acne isn't severe enough and to try the antibiotics and bcp. I have recently made more effort with my diet, with less sugar, dairy and no diet coke but my skin is the worst it's ever been I have 11 active spots all over my face whilst I'm used to have 3-4 on and around my chin. I'm just really confused as what is happening to my skin ATM.
  13. Just to confirm, you bought them off US Amazon with no problems with extra fees when they come to your door? That would be excellent. I'm suspicious because Amazon.ca has the large BP listed as $80.
  14. Hey bizz, Epiduo is supposed to be preventative; the doctor told me I wouldn't see improvement until after 3-6 weeks because it works beneath the skin to stop the microcomedone from getting inflamed and whatnot. That's why you have to apply it everyday all over your face (or affected areas) everyday. If Retin-A did not sit well with you at all, Epiduo probably isn't the best choice to go with. I've used Retin-A before too and even though the doctor said the irritation would be pretty bad, I w
  15. Something I noticed when I was on Differin XP (which is just the adapalene by itself in 3x the concentration) was that my face got unbearably oily too, to the point where my finger would come away wet if I accidentally brushed my face. I was also on Epiduo and it wasn't as bad as Differin, but I did have to blot throughout the day. So maybe overuse of retinoids really does damage your skin so that it has problems naturally regulating oils? Do you use a pea-sized amount like Moonlight said? I