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  1. I was on BP treatment for a looong time, for over 20years.. Now I am happy with the 2% BHA extra strenght clear liquid by paulas choice. I use this in the evening, for daytime i use the 2% BHA gel, no other moisturizer required in my case. I recently added retinol ( green cream) to the routine and it works beautiful! But to be honest, the Spiro had already cleared me from my deep cysts
  2. I really love the combo of BHA, retinol an for the extremely rare case of a zit, BP as a spot treatment. I think AHA might bring similar results.
  3. German doctors do not feally know about spiro. I can give you the adress of mine near Mannheim if that helps you. But I am his first spiro patient so he does not have other experience
  4. Well....as you say this is your diet, to my understanding that means that the only things you ingest are water, caffeine (acne trigger), meat , eggs (acne trigger) and artificial dietary products (that very likely containing artificial sweeteners, acne trigger) plus olive oil (acne trigger for many like most vegetable oils except coconut oil) . No fruits, no vegetables. Yes, I think this is a crazy diet and you are clogging your pores with it. I
  5. Add a BHA to your regimen. You could start wtih Paulas Choice 2% extra strength exfoliating solution or the gel, and on some evenings add an AHA for the flaking . If this does not get it under control, there are stronger chemical peels available e.g. by MUAC. But for me, those were sufficient. You definately have to find a regiment that lets you come off this crazy diet.
  6. I have no clue about accutane, but about closed comedones. A chemical peel will kill those. I use Paulas Choice 2% BHA and it works for me. There are much stronger chemical peels available in the USA, like the ones by MUAC. But you could just try the PC stuff. i use them every night and evening, and 3 times a weeks replace the evening application with an 10% AHA Peel
  7. Yes, but BP in the sun without sufficient sunscreen will cause terrible irritation and acme flare ups ( been there...)
  8. My acne used to be hormonal and around my mouth and along jaw line. I got cysts and inflammation under control with Spiro, but if you look very closely you can see, that the pores on my chin tend to get clogged. I need plenty of salicylic acid here to stay clear from comedones, much more than in the other areas.
  9. I am on spiro for almost half a year now and did not gain a single pound. I have had quite a few unexpected "side effects," but all very positive ones.
  10. Those are no real wrinkles but they occur from the dryness of your skin by BP. I had those once in a while when , especially in winter and when my BPO was too strong. 10% is far too much , it dries out your skin nd leaves it leather - like on the surface. It will take quite a while for this to go away. I quit BPO after more than 21 years and switched to BHA and Spiro and my skin has less wrinkles that many others' my age. Be sure to put on a good sunscreen. AHA is good, maybe you could switch
  11. I wish you luck and hope it will help you as great as it helped me. Be prepared for a worsening of your skin for the first weeks, and that beneficial effects often take 4-6 months to show. So don't give up and look forward to summer:)
  12. 150 is really a lot to start with. Besides the Spiro I would really see a gyn and endocrinologist. I think chances are high you have PCOS and maybe need additional metformin, especially your weight gain is suspicious for it to be more than a DHT receptor hypersensitivity.
  13. Yes, I always did my extractions after hot steam or shower. The skin is softer and easier to remove comedones.
  14. Be aware that sweat leaves your skin through totally different openings than oil. So sweating does not "clean" your congested pores. Instad of this, sweat can be an irritant and cause congested pores to inflame, and it can spread bacteria over the face. So I would definately avoid sauna if you have inflamed acne.
  15. I have been suffering from acne and have been on Benzoyl Peroxide for the last 21 years. Even on various birth control pills, including Yaz, I broke out. And BC caused nausea, headaches , mood swings , weight gain and an extreme loss of libido. My derm wanted me on accutane, but I insisted in spiro. Now on only spiro, my skin is beautiful, my hair is full and healthy and all my menstrual cycle problems disappeared ( I was supposed to have thermal endometrial ablation in spring because of horr