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  1. The spots almost look like prolonged irritation. I would suggest you give up all topicals for a few weeks, just cleanse once a day with a gentle cleanser, and see if the redness subsides.
  2. Irritating

    Tried this based on good reviews. Used for about a week, just once a day, and each day acne got progressively worse. Each pimple seemed to get more red and more irritated. Stopped use and pimples healed and disappeared quickly.
  3. You ask a really good question, and obviously you tried a lot of diet adjustments. I wish there was more definitive proof that diet has an effect on acne. I do think cleaning up your diet can help some people, but it's not going to help all people. My sons have mostly mild acne but it gets worse in the winter and it's always frustrating trying to figure out how to fix it. It's not severe enough for Accutane, but nothing ever really clears them 100%. They eat a good diet, don't eat dairy or much
  4. I don't have any experience with the Simple line, but you can look it up under Product Reviews. You may want to try 2.5-5% BP and see how your skin reacts to it (acne.org, Neutrogena, Clinique, La Roche Posay are a few brands you could check out). Also try eliminating dairy, high sugar, and heavy carbs, that may help as well.
  5. I agree with paige...I would try the spiro first. It may very well work for you. If you are hesitant to take the accutane (and I dont blame you, I would be too) it would certainly be a good idea to try one more thing before resorting to that. Best of luck in whatever decision you make!
  6. My sons recently stopped nightly use of BP and it's actually working well! As they've gotten older and are more careful with their diet, their acne has gotten milder. And BP didn't seem to be helping, particularly with the cold dry weather. They still got new zits and their skin was always red and irritated looking. So they both began using less of the BP awhile back and it became apparent that the areas they didn't use it were completely clear! They quit the BP completely a few weeks ago, a
  7. Hey...sounds like your routine is working well. I have two sons (16 and 15) who quit using nightly BP a couple weeks ago and their skin seems to be doing well too. They both have mild acne but it gets worse as soon as it gets cold out. In the warmer months it's very mild, but once winter comes their acne gets worse. It seemed the BP wasn't really preventing zits and was just making their faces red and irritated-looking. Plus the red marks hang around longer so it looks like more acne than it rea
  8. If your skin was not terribly irritated when you were using BP once a day, I would return to using it just once per day. That may be all you need to experience clearing skin. Try that for several weeks and see how you do.
  9. Using the two products together will most likely cause more flaking, and redness too. The retinoid is already creating cell turnover. Try cutting back to every other night, or add a moisturizer. And your skin should get used to the Epiduo over time.
  10. Acne often worsens in winter so that could be the reason you are breaking out. And are your breakouts truly acne or more of an allergic reaction to something?, Are you doing anything differently since Nov? Diet changes, more dairy or carbs, weight gain, different cleansers or even laundry detergents, less sleep? Tell the derm your entire story and hopefully they can help you. Good luck!
  11. Because your acne came on so suddenly and severely, I would think it has something to do with your diet and intentional weight gain. If you are taking any type of supplements, protein powders, steroids, etc. I think they are notorious for causing acne. You should go back to whatever lifestyle habits you were following when you had clear skin.
  12. What type of pads are you using that contain both glycolic and salicylic acid? Thanks!
  13. I would go back to the routine you were doing in the first month. You may just be using too much on your skin now and actually causing breakouts. I would use less BP and stop the AHA and see how it goes from there.
  14. The only product I can really recommend for preventing acne and clearing red marks is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, i think I recommended this to you in an earlier post. This is the one product that has given my sons the biggest improvement. They've been using it once a day for a few months now and neither of them has had any big pimples or whiteheads since they started, just some smaller pimples that don't last long at all and any red marks are very small and fade very quickly. If you want to
  15. I haven't been on the site in a long time but I just came on today and checked out your latest pics. Your forehead and upper lip area look really great. Much improvement! You mentioned that the acne has flattened out, but your cheeks look really red so I hope your skin isn't overly irritated. Comparing your latest pics to your early pics it seems the redness in your cheeks has gotten quite a bit worse, so while it's great that the acne is getting under control, is it possible that you are having