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  1. No, but then again I had no problems with Tetracycline like you did. So my comment probably wasn't much help. Sorry
  2. Here's my advice, but it's obviously not what you want to hear: Bad idea. Talk to a derm.
  3. Yeah, you definately need to have a blood test done. It might not seem possible, but you need to go through a derm. There is a generic brand of Accutane called Amnesteen, you could try that, it's cheaper.
  4. I too am on my fourth day of Accutane. I've gotten the dry lips and nose, even throat. It's not really that noticable though. I use the Cetaphil cleanser, it's verrrrry gentle. Give it a try.
  5. <ComicBookGuy>Best. Log. EVER.</ComicBookGuy> Really, this is awesome. Descriptive, pics, everything. Really helpful. Maybe it's just me, or the pics, but I see noooo red spots. You look great.
  6. Stick it out. You've only done 1 month. I too use Cetaphil cleanser/moisturizer.
  7. I got Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, and Blistex. I haven't actually got my Accutane yet, but that's what I'll be using.
  8. Like someone said, (I can't remember if it was this thread or another one), cutting out sugars/starches would be a huge diet change for me. I'd be willing to try if it was better for me and helped acne, but I don't know. I'm perfectly healthy otherwise, aside from the acne.
  9. Awesome. I should be starting Accutane pretty soon. I have mostly redmarks, but active acne is still a problem. I've heard Accutane does nothing for redmarks, but it worked for you? My redmarks are probably much worse than yours though. I'm glad it worked for you, I hope it works that well for me.
  10. There are 545435 threads on this, and every person will tell you different. Some say it saved their lives, others say they wish they'd never touched the stuff. So I dunno. It seems like nothing else works for you, so I'd say go for it, which you obviously are I guess. I'm in the same boat. Tretra/Mino/Doxy cycline have done NOTHING for me. Who knows, maybe even made it worse. So I should be starting Accutane in a few days. Good luck to us.
  11. Seems to me like this the Vinegar method without the nasty smell. Another thing for me to try. Glad you guys are getting results.
  12. Where's the option for nothing? You'll get a whole range of answers. No one's skin is the same.
  13. I agree. Drastically altering your diet in the hopes of getting rid of acne is totally not worth it.
  14. You have to pay (or maybe you can register for free, I didn't bother to look) to read the articles. :roll:
  15. Hey guys, I'm curious about this too. My parents/derm want me on Accutane. I'm not too thrilled. I believe redmarks are my real problem. I've heard Accutane just makes them last longer. But if this Neutrogena MultiVitamin is working for you, I might consider Accutane and this.