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  1. It's still working for me, but I seem to have at least one constant issue around my lips ever since taking it. I bought this anti-inflammatory chapstick that I hope will help. Started my first day of the semester at school yesterday so hopefully things don't get worse.
  2. Yeah, I am. I got my package of four big bottles of Acnescript yesterday, and it's the completely new formula with everything in it. I also got the new Spotscript M and that seems to be working good in conjunction with spot treating this problem spot about an inch below my bottom lip. Almost all my issues are around my mouth these days it seems like, although I had a couple major ones just a couple months ago. I think the stress I was experiencing from March to July had a huge impact on all
  3. It's been a while. Wicky, you're skin is so much better than I ever pictured from your posts. I wish mine looked like that. My girlfriend and I broke up a little over a week ago. She got fed up with me having no confidence and not ever making any serious moves on her after three months of going out, so she started making it impossible to see her so I initiated us breaking up and she jumped right on that and agreed and had some nasty remarks at the end on how much of a wuss I am, etc. and tha
  4. I had my date six days ago with a huge nasty sore on my forehead, it was sick looking. I told her I got hit with a big shelf of stuff while moving stuff around in storage and my skin swelled up/got cut due to it. I started off the date with that and then said how I felt bad about it cause I've been working hard at trying to improve stuff so I don't always look like crap. That date went really good though and is probably one of my favorites out of the 13 we've had. Yesterday's (Sunday's) date
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I actually bought a "Stress B-Complex" bottle of pills a day or two before that post of yours that talked about the amount of B6 in the new formula, etc. That complex only has 5mg of B6 in it, and 20mg of B5 (under it's official name of Pantothenic acid), along with a lot of other great stuff like Zinc, copper, Vitamin C, etc. I was worried at first when I read your post, but it seems like the new formula is within the 100mg limit, and even with a good B-complex
  6. Yeah Tim, I use a lot of good stuff. I use the Acne.org moisturizer, and also have some fancy renewal-type creams I bought at Whole Foods a week or two ago, and those have helped improve the appearance of my skin overall, along with cutting down my use of BP a bit. I also have gotten back into using freshly squeezed lemon juice (diluted in water) as a toner too, which helps brighten and tighten skin. Edit: It's a few hours later and I put the spot mask off and then put some tea tree oil on t
  7. I got this e-mail from them a little over an hour ago. I got pretty scared when I first started reading it: We did move into a new facility & have brought in some new help. Given this we are estimating that we will be caught up with everyone - and continue so - no later than the middle of July. That said your order looks to likely ship on Tuesday. Thanks again, Support ****, how are they always behind? Get your shit together. Also, after I ran and took a shower, the current aspirin ma
  8. I always read this thread when there's a new post, but finally am putting some time aside to make a post. I hope things get better for you someday wicky, I don't know what to suggest you do, because I can't even get my own skin to not be crappy either, and I've done so much. Happy belated birthday Kristaball! I ordered my Acnescript 16 days ago, still no shipping e-mail, nothing. I e-mailed them two days ago and have received no reply. About 12 days ago, I stopped constantly eating spaghett
  9. Aw. :3 I've been doing a aspirin/honey treatment on that issue on the edge of my lip for the last few hours after pulling off the IHC/ACV mixture I put on it for a couple hours. I keep putting on more and more aspirin mixture every hour or two just to keep it as strong as possible. I haven't been able to see what the actual issue looks like yet. It didn't seem much improved when I took the IHC off. I don't know yet if I'll take another shower before I go to bed and see what has become of it
  10. Wow, that doesn't sound good at all. I just put in an order for four more bottles of Acnescript a couple days ago, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the new formula is. Why the heck would they put LESS Zinc in it? Looks like I'll have to buy a separate bottle of that and take that once a day or something, cause Zinc is a really important ingredient for acne it seems. I'm not sure of the numbers right now, but I take a lot of B-5. I take 4 Acnescripts and then 1 or 2 B5's a day, usually
  11. I bought some nice fancy skin stuff at Whole Foods yesterday to try and help with my damaged skin since I haven't had much active stuff the past few days. I did notice some redness around my bottom lip though, kinda near the corner, and today I woke up to it being a little white head. It was tiny but I popped it with a safety pin and then the whole area got red so I put AHA+ on it, then ice cubed it, and now I put some ACV/Indian Healing Clay mixture on it. I see this girl again on Wednesday
  12. You think he friend-zoned you due to skin problems coming up, or they came up after that happened with him and you were stressed about it? When I first started going out with that girl I've been mentioning for two months now, I had one (or more) horrible issue after another. For our first four or five dates, I wouldn't be surprised if she thought to herself, "What area of his face will have a big red sore on it this time?" After I stopped taking 30+ pills a day and brought it down to the basi
  13. Wicky, it's good for any kind of pimple at any stage imo. It brings down the swelling and redness especially, and it's also drying, so it could take out a pimple that keeps creating a whitehead. When you pull or wash off the little spot of the dried mixture, it can take a lot of the crap with it too, it's awesome, I mix like a tablespoon of ACV with around a tablespoon of the clay (1:1 ratio) and then spot treat with it whenever I can and let it sit for hours. If I'm home all day and have a
  14. The SpotScript wasn't a big success for me. I had cyst-like issues and accompanying redness lasting for weeks while trying out the SpotScript on issues. Nothing worked on those things until I brought the aspirin masks back and then started using the Aztec Calcium Bentonite/ACV mixture as a spot treatment. Redness and inflammation goes down the best while using that stuff.
  15. You do a full mask? I just put a little bit on like 9 little spots of my face and it's fading redness faster than anything else, and so far is stopping more issues from popping up in these areas. I haven't had a chance yet to use it against something I feel coming on, but I think it'll work great against those too.