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  1. Use ACV diluted with water on that spot every night. And it will go away in two days. )
  2. It's enlarged pores. That area seems to be very oily too so maybe that's the cause of it.
  3. You should try not to use too many products. Keep a simple regimen. Your acne doesn't look as severe. Try using natural products. Use a gentle cleanser and oil free moisturizer. For toner, use apple cider vinegar diluted with water. If it's too harsh on your skin, add more water or use it every other day. Try drinking atleast 2 - 3 glasses of cold water with ACV in it. Honestly, ACV has cleared up my acne a lot and it's a life saver. Hope your skin clears up soon! )
  4. Try giving yourself a mini facial that consists of steaming for 10 minutes, exfoliation and a clay mask. Also, use an ACV diluted with water toner every other day. Helped with my skin a lot! Hope your skin gets better soon. )
  5. Mine were similar to yours. What really helped was ACV and exfoliation with an electric toothbrush. And I'd also give myself a mini facial twice a week which consisted of steaming, exfoliation and a clay mask.
  6. Hi everyone! If you can look at my older posts, you can see I've had problems on my forehead with whiteheads, closed comedones, rough skin, etc. Well, I'm almost there clearing them all up! Here is my routine: Sundays and Wednesdays I give myself a little "facial". I steam my face for 10 minutes then exfoliate with an electric toothbrush gently, after I apply Vichy's NormaDerm 3 in 1 clay mask and wash it off gently after 10 minutes! After that, I apply ACV all over my face, wait for
  7. I'm going to try it next week because I recently got a chemical peel done by a professional a week ago! But i'll definitely let you know. )
  8. Hello! I just recently purchased MUAC's 25 Mandelic Acid and I got the Green Tea cleanser. I was wondering if I could use Cerave Foaming Cleanser before applying the peel instead of the Green Tea cleanser? Thanks!
  9. Hello. Was wondering which baby brush would be suitable for exfoliation?
  10. Hi. Was wondering which baby brush is suitable for exfoliation?
  11. Hi. Was planning on buying Salicylic Acid 15 from Kavi Skincare. Was wondering if anybody has any experience with this product? If so, does it help with acne and whiteheads?
  12. Hello. So I've had these bumps on my forehead ever since September so for about 4 months. I've tried everything. I thought they were whiteheads. I tried salicylic acid, chemical peels, epiduo, tazorac, turmeric masks, exfoliation, etc. NOTHING seems to get rid of these bumps. Like it's helped with my acne but these bumps are horrible. I read up a bunch on pityrosporum follicutis and maybe was wondering if this was the situation? Note: The reason why I have a bit of pimples on my f
  13. So I have a question about a certain ingredient in Salicylic Acid Peel 20%. Do all the Salicylic Peels have cucumber in them? Because last time I used a product with cucumber in it, it made my skin break into huge red blotches and flaky skin. I'm not sure if I'm allergic or not. HELP?! I'm getting this peel in a couple days! Thanks.