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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, Accutane affects the body in many ways & isn't long term. Whereas a laser would only affect the glands & be permanent. My skin over produces oil because it is dry, & I know Accutane can dehydrate the body further. I am having Cardiac screening this week, so hopefully I will get to the root of this problem without either. I'm glad you're having success with laser. There are alternatives to Spiro like - Saw Palmetto, Peppermint Tea & The Low GI diet,
  2. I believe in 'functional medicine' & finding the root cause of acne, but in the mean time life would be so much easier if my oil glands would calm down a bit. I can't leave the house for more than two hours, I can't wear make-up it comes off, I'm constantly trying to keep the skin clean without over drying it - the balance upkeep is round the clock, & people judge me so much. Has anyone had laser treatment to shrink the oil glands? I heard it can age you, I don't want them destroyed,
  3. My hormone levels are perfect & never fluctuate, I think I am sensitive or intolerant of them (possibly) there are contradictions. Are you insulin resistant? Because that's easy to control through a Low GI diet, made no difference to me though of course.
  4. I'm so sick of trying to be understanding of other people not understanding what I'm going through, when I know they wouldn't leave their rooms if they woke up looking & feeling like I do. Before I had acne, I understood that acne was horrific, that life would be miserable with it, that I would suffer socially & no longer want my photo taken... so I'm sure it's not difficult for others to grasp. My sister was a smug bitch for years, & now her skin is not so great she is in complete d
  5. Could acne be caused by Hormone Allergy / Intolerance / Sensitivity? http://www.hindawi.com/isrn/allergy/2012/910437/
  6. I apologise, it is exhausting, & there are so many causes - well I hope you nip it in the bud soon. If anti-biotics work, maybe there's a gut flora, candida or food intolerance link there... sorry to hear so many twins are having trouble, what an awful comparison to live with. I don't have a twin, but I am the leper of the family, and I'm no longer a part of it, so much for unconditional love.
  7. I don't think advising someone on how to save money & stop them from becoming allergic to a substance for life is being rude, I would never be rude to a skin disease sufferer, I'm just stating the facts as they are.
  8. Toothpaste dries, it doesn't stay wet, same with Aloe Gel (wow you don't seem very open to ideas) - well what if for example your acne was from a gluten intolerance & all your family had a gluten intolerance without realising... no one's skin just covers itself in acne for no reason. If you're really serious about curing your acne, get your hormones checked out & food intolerance testing, also google demodex parasites & acne, you can cure that with Tea Tree or Clove oil. The only way
  9. What I mean is, 12 drops in a 30ml mixing bottle of carrier oil will last you a long time, whereas 12 drops straight on the face - won't go very far. Every bottle instructs dilution, risk harming yourself, but don't give bad advice to others. You can educate yourself here http://www.aromaweb.com/articles/dilutingessentialoils.asp & remember sensitisation is forever.
  10. I was meant to suggest you google demodex parasites & acne too, you might find logic there.
  11. You're welcome, I hope you find success amongst those options. Anyways, whatever skin problems you're having, you look very attractive in your picture - good luck!
  12. Use Frankincense oil for scarring. Why are you so intent on relying on man made drugs? Your acne can't bother you that much if you aren't willing to find the cause.
  13. Food Intolerance Testing? Saw Palmetto or Peppermint Tea or the Low GI diet for Testosterone control?
  14. During my time as an acne sufferer I have crossed off the following: Over the counter Acne Products.Modern Medicine Medication.Thyroid & Hormone Testing.Kidney & Liver Function Tests.Food Intolerance Testing.Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency Testing.Omega 3's.Body Cleansing, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, Colon.Improving Digestion, pro-biotics, enzymes, herbs etcThe Low GI diet.Androgen Blocking.Progesterone Cream.Electrolyte/Hydration.Acid/Alkaline Balancing.Chinese Medicine. Internal Parasi
  15. This is a nice testimonial for the treatment of skin disease caused by Demodex Parasites, http://www.keratosispilaris.org/treatment-options/5029-34-years-later-cured-demodex-parasite.html