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  1. Happy Birthday ! *hugs* Have u thought of going back to school? I think thats a good place to focus on rather than dwelling. If you truely did accept your scars, you wouldn't let them get in the way of ur future. You have to get out from under that cloud of self-hate. You deserve better.
  2. I have oatmeal in the morning, or sometimes leftovers. I bought a rice cooker a few weeks ago, so I eat brown rice with chicken or eggs. I dont eat much in the morning, so thats basically all I have. Theres not a whole lot of variety other than fruit, like you said.
  3. Or you could take garlic pills like I do. Less hassle, and you wont reek like garlic. http://naturemade.com/productdatabase/prd_...p?productid=139
  4. time--so much wasted time ...and yea its important
  5. I'm hairy too, I didnt know it has anything to do with acne (i assumed hairness was just another part of my genetics ) Anyway, my mom has had 2 surgeries to remove cysts from her ovaries, so could that be an indicator my susceptibility to PCOS? And if acne is caused by PCOS, then is it not possible to grow out of acne? My brother outgrew his acne, so I always assumed I would too.
  6. If they are odorless, you probably wont smell like anything, they just leave an aftertaste for a few minutes.
  7. Ive been taking two garlic pills everyday for almost a week. I heard its a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal. Your body doesnt become resistant to it (unlike the antibiotics perscribed by the derm). Raw garlic is the best choice. When you chop it up, it releases a compound called allicin. I think my acne is caused by candida, so thats the main reason for taking garlic pills. The pills I take are odorless--meaning that the garlic odors wont be detectable on your skin after you take the pil
  8. I tried diluted lemon juice on my skin and it was irritating. It made my skin worse so I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. I think the best thing you can do is to not dwell. I know your feelings for her will probably wont change, so it will be difficult for you to not have feelings for her when your around her. Take time for yourself, not for her, but for yourself. You can't depend on anyone for your happiness. When you dont make eye contact with people, it will seem that you are hiding something. And based on what youve said--that you want them to see less of your acne--your eyes can draw attention just by t
  10. Thats what I'm afraid of, I dont want to leave a trail of odor... Why would the box say "odorless" then...I cant even put the pill in my mouth without gaging...
  11. Hey guys, if I take garlic pills, will I reek of garlic? I just bought some garlic pills today. When I opened them, the odor was so repulsing! Anyway, the box says "oderless" but it sure doesn't seem that way. So again my question is, will I be reeking of garlic after taking these?
  12. I think besides moisterizing, try not to smash your face on your pillow when you sleep, it can create deep wrinkles on delicate skin.
  13. I take more naps when I'm stressed, so you have a good point! I usually get 5-7 hours of sleep during weekdays and 8-10 on weekends. But its hard, like most of you have said, to get enough sleep when there are so many other things to do. I didnt know there is a correlation between sleep and insulin resistance. How does that work Sweetjade?
  14. I thought those white spots are from bumping your nails into things. I remember smashing my thumb on a door once and a couple weeks later, a white spot appeared.