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  1. yo man i was in the same predicament as you and in the same areas, wide spread but not severe. give head and shoulders a try, my back feels smooth now but of course the scars are still there unfortunately. good luck!
  2. A question: How much does Accutane cost? Thanks in advance.
  3. I got some on my back and shoulder too. Like Parker, I play basketball, except we don't wear singlets- its either shirts or skins. When I play skins, I refuse to take the shirt off completely, and just flip it over my head. People always say it confuses them, but I've never really had someone from the other team pass it to me because they thought I was on their team. I hope your case can get better.
  4. I thought sun was bad for acne? The acne on my back is so gross and very bad.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for your help on everything.
  6. I wonder if this would work effectively, since this is inexpensive.
  7. BP is cheap, and it worked very well for me. Prescription (BenzaClin) is $33.00 every time, and I think BP works better. I've only been using this since late August. Also, my parents switched doctors so I've have to get my body examined again to see if I need a prescription again, which is very embarrassing. Thank you.
  8. I have them on my face, chest, and back. It is very disgusting. Please help me.
  9. This would be helpful, because sometimes I have no idea of what you guys are talking about. Like brown spots. Are those the ones that look just like regualr scar from scrapes and bruises? Thanks in advance.
  10. I realy wish I could... but that's not an option.