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  1. ive used tea tree oil daily face wash for 2 years or something, well it gave me a soft skin but i didnt help with my acne (maybe a bit). ive stopped using the face wash a couple of weeks ago. I've seen no difference
  2. it says JOJOBA based, i dont know what they mean by it, but i know that jojoba is a plant. And i dont know if they take his colors or what, but i have some nivea creme which has some jojoba-oil in it, so it could be that they take the oil of the plant.... ----------------------------- quoted from http://www.jojoba-ksa.com: What is Jojoba? Jojoba (Ho-Ho-Bah) is a plant that produces beans. These beans contain an oil that is similar to Sperm whale oil. if the world could produce e
  3. hi, do you also have the feeling that when youve been in an airconditioned environment that your skin feels more oily and looks worser? airco like in cars, office etc. airco doesnt make my skin feel nice.
  4. homebrand dried very fast, in 5 min
  5. sounds nice, but i have my doubts if a bad digestion is the cause of every form of acne, i personely dont think so. So youre telling in an indirect way that its also not prudent to drink alcohol because excessive use of alcohol causes liverdamage? I drink quite a lot of alcohol in a week, maybe i will stop for a month or so and look what the effect is. And then there's is of course THE question: Why doesnt have a friend of my, which is a barkeeper and drinks a lot more then me, not h
  6. -marc-, what products are you using at the moment? welke producten gebruik je nu? en werkt het? mzzls
  7. hi, anyone ever heard of an oxygen therapy? It's a gel with a good composition of oxygen or something? has anyone ever used this?
  8. i cant find anything on alcohol on her site, where do i have to look?? tnx
  9. well, my doctor calls it a lotion but i have to dab it also on the area which is affected by acne , and indeed after shaving its not a nice feeeling. Its not in water soluted so its pure alcohol with 1% erytromycine . i'll just give it a try
  10. has anyone ever used this medicin??: 1% erytromycine in alcohol (propanol-2) my doctor prescribed it me today, this medicin is a lotion (50 ml) and it helps to kill bacteries in pories ( i have to put it on my face once a day with a piece of wadding). I have very mild acne these days. if anyone has ever used this, what did u think of it??
  11. hi there, i need a moisturizer that DOESNT make my face look SHINY any ideas? tnx! :wink:
  12. "too lazy to reply " nice signature hehe :wink:
  13. Did anyone had VISIBLE success with...: -ZINC I hear namely a lot of ppl talking about it that it should be successful but did it REALLY work with YOU?
  14. how many grams/capsules/tablets of B complex vitamins are ppl who use it actually taking? grtz
  15. What about this one ?: 30mg Opti L-Zinc 100 capsules with 300 mcg Copper brandname : NOW and what brand do u use, that contains zinc + copper in 1 capsule/tablet?
  16. Hi there! i have in overall mild acne but once in a while i get 1 big cystic one from deep underneath my skin, the thing is very big and red and it hurts. Does anyone have a medicin to put on it so that it goes faster away?
  17. Hi there! i have in overall mild acne but once in a while i get 1 big cystic one from deep underneath my skin, the thing is very big and red :oops: and it hurt.
  18. o yeah, and how long does it take before the bottle is empty? (with how u ppl use it) grtz