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  1. I keep getting acne in the same spots! These are close together on my right cheek. I will get a zit that comes to a head, breaks eventually, and the pus will come out. However, whereas normally when this happens to a zit, after a while the skin will go back to normal, in this case i feel a hardness under the skin even after the zit is gone. Eventually i get a zit there again. There are a couple of spots like this and i continually get zits in these spots. Its just never clearing up underneath th
  2. Just a quick question I have because of i saw something that implied this on a forum. So will drinking about 3-4 cups of green tea in any way hinder the benefits i get by taking fish oil capsules and cod liver oil capsules? Should i keep a time gap between when i drink green tea and the time i take the capsules?
  3. After reading about the benefits of green tea on acne, i decided to try it out. I am now drinking 3 cups of green daily and also keeping the green tea bag on my face for around 15 minutes twice a day (once the tea bag has cooled down) I've been doing this for about 4 or 5 days now and i notice that, especially after i keep the green tea bags on my face, a lot of my zits come to a head and zits that had already come to a head break. I'm also getting a number of blackheads. So my skin is not
  4. Hello, i just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for me on this very strange case i have of getting acne only on the right side of my face. This began about two years ago. I felt a huuuuge zit coming on my right cheek before a big event and to stop it i used a tea tree oil gel that was recommended by a friend. i applied it twice a day on the zit while it was still in the process of developing. However, it didn't really make it go away. It just kinda almost stopped it in that halfwa