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  1. I think EVERYONE hates red spots, they are not exactly attractive are they? no need for a poll. You are lucky they are just red spots and not actual SCARS. There are LOADS of things you can try for red spots, read previous topics...
  2. I was wondering if it is alright to go out in the sun, unexposed for short OR long amounts of time after getting procedures done such as subcision or n-lite or smoothbeam??How long after?? Should you just apply sunscreen in the certain areas treated regardless of treatment? I understand it is wise to use sunscreen after laser surgeries and peels but how soon after can you go back to normal without always worrying about sunscreen? Thanks!
  3. Denise-- where can you order this oil regulating gel stuff?, it sounds good Does it prevent acne aswell? since it stops oil......
  4. cool hope everything goes well. Do you have before/after pics you could post?? Take it easy
  5. Hi I was wondering if having acne scarring will effect facial hair growth in the future where there is scarring? I have not yet had facial hair growth exept moustache where there is no scarring... Also depending on the treatment for scars will that effect it? I was planning on lactic peels/n-lite/subcision in the near future.. Thanks all O:)
  6. Does anyone know what I should do... I have been off accutane about 9 months I have lots of pigmentation and some pitting. I will probably get subcison for the scars but for the pigmentation I was considering peels. What do you think I shoould use, glycolic or lactic??? I have heard lactic peels is for first time peelers, but may not do much. It's around $80 from www.homepeels.com so that's a fair chunk of change for something ineffective, but who knows?
  7. is there an ordering website for these products?
  8. hope your appointments go well
  9. Damnpits--- What are your scars like? Are they shallow or fairly deep? How long have you had them? Have you been on accitane by any chance? Hope the results keep comin in.. me: Have been using it for about 2-3 weeks and have noticed slight improvement. Worth doing!
  10. That alot of money. However if I KNEW it worked on scars and made my skin alot better it WOULD be worth it. I'd pay that for better skin. Why is one roller like £37 and this one is like £3500? Cheap one must be poor quality
  11. Can using this regime THIN THE SKIN? It is taking layers of skin off as an exfoliamt. Does this just mean skin is being replaced at a faster rate? Thanks for that
  12. I would also like to know if anyone is using this method, and with what creams? Thanks
  13. Can these peels "thin" the skin? What CAN thin the skin?
  14. Can you explain, how we can get scar free skin using this method. All I see is another scam claiming to heal scars... [-X HOW!!!! prove it for once [-(