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  1. So would I need to find a plastic surgeon for this procedure? Any advice you can give me on that?
  2. Is this still considered the best treatment for a few rolling scars left over from acne I had 30 years ago?
  3. I'm 50, and have had these scars for almost 30 years. Otherwise my skin looks good...if this means anything.
  4. I just watched a video of this procedure on youtube. Is it an ongoing treatment like every few years? How long will fillers last? What would I be looking at spending for this?
  5. It's 2 scars. The other is to the right of the obvious one. Sorry but I've never heard of subcision or anything else you are talking about. It's all new to me. Any videos on this procedure?
  6. I've tried expensive fillers that didn't last very long. Also tried using Dermastamp and Retin A. If they helped at all it was too small to notice. I appreciate any advice.
  7. Okay sorry, but I know so little about this. What is TCA cross?
  8. Okay..great..and thanks. Other than what you told me...is there any other options for pock scars?
  9. That's funny because the 5 or 6 videos I saw said to use it once a day, or every other day, for about three months. I will do some more research though. Can you recommend a size or brand of Dermastamp to get?
  10. Okay, but you told me I should use the Dermastamp. Is that better results, safer and/or easier to use? Will it help for a few pock scars that are more than 20 years old? When you say use it every 6 weeks, do you mean use it every 'day' for 6 weeks? Thanks
  11. It might worsen the skin? Now that's a scary thought. Just watched some Youtube videos on it and everyone seems to say it helped. Oh...and what do you mean by adding in suction?
  12. Anything at all that can help smooth or stretch them a bit? Any creams? Even a small improvement would be great. Thanks