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  1. I'm a male 29 years of age. Asian-Hmong. I'm more on the tan skin than light asian skin. I been using St Ives Green Tea cleanser, but it's not been working well for while now. I notice after applying in the showers and 5 to 10 minutes drying the face area; i could always feel my face tight and dry. I just don't know what else to try to use. I've read plently that asian skin doesn't work well with BP since it dries out quick compare to something with saylic acid. If anybody could recommend or sug
  2. I'm Male 29 years old, asian. I been on doxycycline Mono 100mg 2x/day for about 8 weeks now. I been having bad break outs. I been reading that usually the antibotics is in affect and better results will come after 3 months. I'm willing to keep going with these antibotics. Of course, I been very self conscious about my face now days. I'm a supervisor at work, I'm going into work with a hat on, barely look into peopes eyes when i speak with them. I sometimes isolate myself from others, but still g
  3. Are bad breakouts expected during use of antibiotics prescribed from dermatologist. I been having worse breakout 8 weeks in now. I don't want to feel discourage that it is not working for me. Anybody else had Have the same story or happening to them when on antibiotics?
  4. I'm currently on my 8th Week in using Doxycycline Mono 100mg 2x/day. I notice I been getting really bad break outs, i mean to where they are just coming out one after another and its worse than before all around my chin area mouth. My doctor told me to take it for 2-3 months. My question is, does antibotics like this one make you breakout before it gets better? some people say it does and some say an initial breakout is a myth.
  5. 7 weeks in. i see no results. 29 year old asian male. Never thought i be so self conscious about this. I wear hats everywhere, don't make eye contact with people, dont go to events as much. Breakouts after breakouts. 4-5 pimples next to each other in areas around my chin/mouth mustache area. And they freakin hurt. Time to go back to dermatologist you think?