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  1. So I am not sure if it is the medication but I have gotten a really bad cold and sore throat last week, a UTI, and constipation. Not only that but when I #2 it is hard and the skin is getting cuts. that sounds graphic but yeah that's the truth. I am dry and itchy and skin is peeling alot especially while in the shower it peels off and feels smoother after. Then I feel more tired and less active than usual. My stomach burns a little. Are these typical symptoms with most accutane users? Pimple sta
  2. Dry everything. I feel itchy like i'm on pins and needles.. no IB still... I am starting to wonder if it will ever come I hope it does not. So no new breakouts. My pores are showing up and they look weird dark and dry and I can't pop or squeeze anything my skin is sensitive and I have a pinkish orange tint on my face still.... I put chapstick and aquaphor at night and in the morning my lip skin all comes off soon as I wash my face then again at night it peels in the shower and reveals new skin..
  3. Skin: dry and itchy. Flaky but still exfoliating at night to control it.I really can't stand the itchyness I feel like I have a sunburn my face is reddish tint which magnifies the old and new scars/spots. I feel like I have ant bites all over my face but when I look its just really dry. Some new actives but they are drying out and going away there's a medium sized spot on my upper lip that is tender and I can feel it and see it! I hate getting zits on upper lip, middle of for head, in between e
  4. I woke up to no new blemishes today after last night I thought I had began the inevitable initial breakout but today those spots seem to be shrinking and no new spots forming yet.. but who knows I read other ppl's experience and most log that spots could pop up anytime. Well it's somewhat of a relief but at the same time I feel like I am still waiting for the IB to happen.. Face is pretty dry and still itchy today. I would say when i started claravis my oily-ness was 8/10 ten being the most oily
  5. mochi12

    Day 8-10

    Alright well I thought I was doing so well and was really scared for the IB and I think I have gotten it... On day 8 I was still dry and my active spots from the days before were going away and today, day 10 I woke up to two new spots on my cheeks but the rest of my face was flat. Well It is night time now and I looked in the mirror and saw 3 new spots on my forehead and 4 on my cheeks... AH I hope this IB doesn't last too long or get too severe I will feel really depressed and alll that bad stu
  6. Hello I am a 20ish y/o female journaling my experience with Claravis the generic of accutane. I am 117 lbs. I never had acne in HS or as a young teen. I started breaking out in college around the age of 18 but just a few pimples. I started the "Regimen" with Bp and it helped clear my skin up very well however after a few years I started to get a weird flushing of the skin and wrinkles around my face. I continued the BP but soon I started to get cysts underneath my skin. Just a few at first so I