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  1. PALEO DIET DAY 39 ACCUTANE DAY 28 Not much to update, a few pimples that seem like cysts but end up being white heads. Old scars healing, no crazy breakouts or anything. I think the cause of the few pimples relates to losing some of my good habits like washing my face immediately after working out. I think whenever I see improvement I let myself use that as an excuse to not try as hard. However I've stayed strong on my paleo diet, hadn't had gluten dairy or grains since I started. Still very
  2. I'm a guy, thanks guys tomorrow I start my second month and so far no crazy breakouts
  3. PALEO DIET DAY 32 ACCUTANE DAY 21 No initial break out at all, I owe it to the diet. No side effects other than my nostrils are dry. I continue to exercise and lotion my body every day. I only wash my face 1-3 times a day, once with water and once or twice with cetaphil face cleaner. Ill update later on again
  4. SKIP TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU DONT WANT THE STORY AND JUST WANT TO START THE LOG Hello, my name is Jon and I'm a 16 year old teenager that is on Accutane (claravis) 60mg daily. I am going to use this forum to provide updates of the good and bad effects of the drug. I will list some important information about myself so anyone can see if they relate - Have moderate acne only on cheeks (some white heads, more cysts) - Senior in high school - Run intense long distance workouts 5 days a week
  5. Hello, In about ten days I will be starting accutane. I have moderate acne with stubborn cysts. I have a lot of questions regarding accutane and the initial breakout and was hoping someone could help from experience. I've been on minocycline and tretinoin for over 3 months. As well as BP for the past 5 weeks. Once I hit the sixth week I will go to my derm appt and will be prescribed accutane since the BP regimen didnt work. I'm really eager to get on accutane and get it over with but I'm also RE