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  1. Hello I have been on accutane before (ordered online) and I was wondering how do I get prescribed accutane? Do I make an appointment with any dermatologist? And what are the chances of getting prescribed accutane? I'm 21 with my own health insurance but my parents live half way across the country so they can't help. Thanks!
  2. So I've been on accutane before ( see my previous post ) but right now I'm on 10mg accutane and I'm definitely seeing side effects ( dry skin, nose bleeds, chapped lips,) but I'm still slightly breaking out. Should I up the dosage or will time take its course? I ordered online btw.
  3. So I took accutane from August to December and it worked great. It was 10mg a day, the bumped up to 20mg for a month, then back down to 10mg a day. It worked great until I noticed about a month ago my acne returned but significantly less harsh than I had a year ago. I'm thinking about taking 5mg a day for 4 to 6 months. Would that be too low of a dosage? Did anyone else have the same experience?
  4. Ok thank you. I just want to know if its working so i can order more. I got it from india
  5. So I've been on accutane 20mg a day for about 1 and a half weeks and the side effects started ( dry lips, dry skin on my face ) my acne is only moderate or mild but when would I know accutane is working? Right now it's only drying my skin