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  1. ofcourse no lol. girls have to be prettier than guys or just pretty. its like law of the world really.. and actually unless your somekinda queer guy or narcisstic you dont need a smoothest and prettiest face oh and i dont fuking care abt this thread! Then I'm afraid I am one of those guys. :( I certainly didn't want the ladies to feel they couldn't find love because of scars. I have seen ladies attractive with scars as well who had love and relationships.
  2. I understand. But it's something that has tortured me for many years. My wife is really indifferent towards it. It's not like she cares. She just doesn't want me to spend the money. And, yes, I should spend it when I make it. I know where you're coming from. Thank you. It's always nice knowing there are people who understand my emotions about this. Thanks. It's a subcision followed by laser by a doctor who is well know for these procedures.
  3. I want to share something with anyone who is going through a grueling bout of emotional torture due to acne or scars. I know of a man who has many deep acne scars on his face. Yet this man dates very attractive, sexy women. ALWAYS! He does keep himself well groomed and is in shape. I just wanted to share this with you.
  4. I just want everyone to know this. I know a man who has many very deep acne scars. Yet I have seen this man date very attractive women! He does work out and takes care of himself. Yet he has deep ice pick scars. I just wanted to share that with anyone here who might be feeling low about themselves. Just because you have acne scars does not mean your love life is over. Far from it!
  5. Excellent advice. I especially like what you wrote about this NOT being an impulsive decision. It's not. I have wanted to do something for over 25 years. It's about time I do. Great reply. Thank you. I hope to hear from more. :)
  6. I want to get my scars corrected. But I don't work and my wife does. She simply does not understand the emotional pain I have gone through because of my scars. Thankfully they are not as bad as they could have been. My wife found a letter from a doctor who does scar correction. The prices for the procedures were in the letter. She mouth dropped to the floor. She simply could not fathom why I would pay for this procedure? How can I let my wife understand the emotional tole this has all taken upon
  7. Help! My wife found a letter from a plastic surgeon on how much subcissions and laser therapy would cost. He gave me a free consultation. HER MOUTH DROPPED like she THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY. She just can't believe I would put money towards that. Problem is, she is working and I am not. I can get some money out of my inheritance... My wife simply does not understand the emotional and phycological harm my scars have created in me. If I had these scars taken care of it would do WONDERS FOR ME. How does
  8. Forgive me for asking a non acne scar question. I know someone who had a very superficial dog bite on his chin. He had it stitched up by a plastic surgeon. You can hardly see it. But sometimes you can see a slight shadow. Will using a derma roller fix that small imperfection?
  9. I have had about 15 laser treatments of the two lasers that are supposed to be best for general redness, and have noticed very little difference. The current technology is much better at removing real thick purple veins or dark spots than small red spider veins or diffuse redness. Time and time again I hear such disappointing testimonials from lasers. Are laser nothing but media hype? I do have some red veins around my nose. What about skin tags around eyes?
  10. I am looking for something that will work permanently. I am in my early 50s and am looking for years of sun damage. I am using sun screen which helps little, just not enough.
  11. Hey all, I HATE my angry, red, ruddy complexion! Will laser safely take away my angry, red, ruddy complexion? I have had enough. Thanks
  12. Ugh!! I can't take it! I hate my skin. It's red and ruddy and I have a few indentations that depress the heck out of me. And I have a thinning bald spot on the crown of my head that just makes everything in my life seem like torture! I obsess over it sometimes. I have been out of work forever so I can't really justify getting these things worked on. However, I do have some money put away from inheritance so I suppose I could get work done. But without working how can I justify it? I have a fam
  13. Sugar? Really? So I mix sugar or sea salt with a moisturizer and rub in circles? Can you recommend a moisturizer? Yesterday I purchased neutrogena microdermabrasion system to exfoliate. Has anyone here used it?